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One of the biggest worries that small business owners have is staying on top of all the paperwork with running a company. When you have employees, you’ll need to deal with keeping track of their hours and pay stubs, as well as calculating payroll taxes and deductions and making sure your employees get the right amount of pay every week. Here are a few tips and software, where a check stub maker is a savior for managing payroll in your small business so you can keep track of it all without putting in extra hours at the office!

Categorize Your Employees Correctly

Before you get your employees’ W-2 form, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have categorized them correctly on your payroll sheets. Employees are assigned categories like exempt or non-exempt, which refer to whether they must be paid overtime wages. In addition, your employees may also have been categorized as tipped employees or non-tipped employees; if so, you will need to make sure that you are following all of those special regulations.

Know the tax deadlines

You can handle your payroll yourself, but you still need to know when to pay your employees. There are two deadlines related to payroll taxes: a deadline related to wage payments (April 30 or October 31, depending on your business status) and a deadline related to employment taxes (April 15). Make sure you know when these dates fall every year, and put reminders in your calendar if necessary. You don’t want to be that small-business owner who gets hit with late penalties because they forgot about them.

Select software that matches your business needs

Several different solutions are available on the market right now. Software solutions such as free check stub makers make keeping track of wages, hours, and other pertinent information as an employer easy and affordable. Not only is it free to use, but it’s also simple to install. This means you can have a powerful payroll management system up and running within minutes!

  • It enables the users to make a Check stub in just a few minutes. Select your desired free pay stub template and follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Payroll checks are usually issued to employees biweekly or monthly. Using a check stub maker, you can print out a duplicate of each check you write so that employees can keep track of their earnings. Type in your employee’s name and address on a free pay stub template and save it to your device.
  • Enter your pay rate, hours worked and taxes withheld on a free check stub maker, and you can print out a professional-looking paystub in minutes. This is much better than creating your check stub template because it allows you to select from multiple layout options, like a graph of wages overtime or an expense log.
  • If you do not have access to a printer, look into free pay stub delivery services, which allow you to create customized check stubs online and then deliver them via mail at no cost.
  • Assemble free pay stub templates by laminating them before giving them to employees; laminated check stubs will last longer than paper copies when handled regularly by employees.

Keep Track of Your Cash Flow

To make sure your cash flow stays steady and consistent, you need to keep track of it regularly. Use a check stub maker to ensure you’re staying in good financial shape. Keep track of how much money you take in through business ventures and income, as well as where that money goes once it hits your bank account.


Using the free check stub maker, you’ll be able to create customize paystubs in your business. This will help you save money spent on hiring individuals. Moreover, you can leverage the benefit of a free pay stub template to create the stub with the specifics you want.

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What are some tips for managing payroll effectively?


Some tips for managing payroll effectively include keeping accurate records, staying up-to-date with payroll laws and regulations, automating payroll processes where possible, and seeking the help of a professional payroll service or accountant.

How can I ensure that I'm paying employees correctly?


To ensure that you're paying employees correctly, it's important to calculate gross wages accurately, deduct taxes and other withholdings correctly, and ensure that all pay and benefits are distributed per applicable labor laws and regulations. Regularly reviewing and reconciling payroll records can also help identify errors or discrepancies.

What should I do if I discover a mistake in an employee's paycheck?


If you discover a mistake in an employee's paycheck, it's important to correct the mistake as soon as possible to avoid any potential legal or financial consequences. This may involve issuing a correction or supplemental paycheck, depending on the nature of the error. It's also important to communicate transparently with the employee and address any concerns or questions they may have.

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