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What is a Pay Stub Maker?

A pay stub maker is a software used for generating pay stubs for employees. The required fields in the maker include employee name, date of pay period, tax prices as well as deductions. A pay stub maker uses the template in which all of these fields are incorporated for you to just print it out.

How to Make Pay Stubs?

If you want to manually generate pay stubs for your employee, follow the steps below:

How to Make a Pay Stub for the Self-Employed?

Use the paystub generator to generate it by following the instructions mentioned below:

Enter your information like name, address. This information will showcase in your pay stub.

You will enter your earning details and payment date. The pay stub generator will automatically calculate all the taxes and deductions.

Next, print out the pay stub and click on the download button in which you can choose the format, which is: PDF or image format.

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