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Quick and Simple Invoicing

With the help of the online invoice generator from Invoice Creator, your life becomes very easy when billing and collection time comes around. You're provided with an easy-to-use professional template with all the information you need to ask for the money owed. The generator will prepare a professional invoice to save, print, or even send to your client once you fill in the required information.

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a time-stamped economic document that enumerates and records a transaction between a buyer and seller. If a particular goods or service was purchased on credit, an invoice generally specifies the terms of the deal and provides information on the available payment methods. There are different types of invoices, including the following: paper receipts, bills of sale, debit notes, sales invoices, and online electronic records.

Function of an Invoice

Businesses need to issue invoices to enforce payment requests. An invoice is a lawful contract; it indicates both party's willingness to sell and buy at the price and conditions that have been quoted. Still, there are other advantages of issuing invoices.

Maintaining Records:

The most crucial benefit of an invoice is the ability to keep a legal sales record. This way, one can find out when the goods were sold, who bought them, and who sold them.

Tracking Payment:

An invoice is an essential tool for accounting. It enables both the seller and the buyer to keep track of their payments and the amounts owed.

Legal Protection:

A proper invoice is legal proof of an agreement between the buyer and seller on a set price; it protects the merchant from fraudulent lawsuits.

Easy Tax Filing:

Recording and maintaining all sales invoices help the company report its income and ensure that it pays the correct amount of taxes.

How To Make Invoice Online?

The tool is friendly and easy to use when generating invoices. The following are the steps to generate your custom-made invoice:

1. Choose an Online Platform:

  • Quickbooks Online: It is a comprehensive software which offers invoicing features
  • Zoho Invoice: Offers online invoicing and time tracking.
  • Freshbooks: It is an invoicing and accounting software that provides invoicing features.

2. Sign up & Login:

Choose whatever platform you are comfortable with and sign up for it. You will need to provide basic information to set up your account.

3. Create a New Invoice:

After logging in, click “Create a New Invoice”. This will be displayed on the main menu, or you will find it on the menu bar.

4. Fill in the Invoice Details:

Fill in the below information:
  • Your Business Information: Business name, address, contact number
  • Client Information: Client’s name, address, and contact information
  • Invoice Number: It is a unique number for tracking purposes
  • Invoice Date: The date when the invoice was issued
  • Due Date: The date by which the payment is expected
  • Description: Detailed description of good or service provided
  • Quantity and Unit Price: List the quantity and unit price for each item
  • Total Amount: Calculate the total amount

5. Add Payment Details:

Note down the payment method you accept, like PayPal, credit card, etc. Be sure to include the necessary details for the chosen payment method.

6. Terms & Conditions:

You can add terms & conditions like late penalties, return policies, and other important information.

7. Preview & Save:

Most software, like Stubcreator, allows a preview option to ensure everything is in proper order and looks good.

8. Send the Invoice:

After you have saved the invoice, you can directly send it to the client. You can send it directly via email from the platform itself.

9. Track & Manage:

Several platforms offer tracking & managing your invoices, send reminders, and even let you manage history.

Choose Your Perfect Invoice Template

Looking for a different look for your free invoices? We've got you covered. Want professional invoices in Excel that automatically calculate subtotals, totals, and taxes? Or you're after a fully customizable professional invoice template for Word to ensure your client can open their bill easily on any device. Look at the range we've got to suit all your needs, from different layouts to formats. Our free invoice templates are available in Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and PDF so that you will find your perfect match.

Why Use Stubcreator’s Free Invoice Generator?

Requesting client payments is part and parcel of any business; to keep a business running, client payments must arrive on time. However, producing invoices is often so mundane that most business owners put it off until the last moment. However, Things have changed with new digital tools and technologies: producing invoices and sending them to clients took a lot of work. Invoice Maker Pro is a free invoice generator – an innovative business tool that will help create invoices online with the least bother. It would help businesses quickly make invoices with a ready-made template where the only thing required is inserting the client's details, items for which payment is due, taxes, if any, and the total amount and sending it to the client online. With this invoice maker online free, you can build great-looking PDF invoices from scratch on your web browser and send them to clients in seconds—this saves time for you and your clients.

How Can You Pay an Invoice Online?

You don’t need to visit the bank to settle your outstanding invoices or pay an invoice online. Using an invoice generator, you can generate and pay invoices online by selecting your invoices and choosing payment options such as credit cards and internet banking. Ensure you have your debit or credit card handy and enter the details when prompted. There may be an additional step of authenticating the transaction via third-party software. Since you're paying the invoice online, the process should be smooth, avoiding the delays associated with mailing checks, especially for international invoices. A free invoice generator can streamline this process even further.

How Do I Generate My Invoice?

Creating your invoice includes several things; follow the following steps:
  •  Template: Choose software to create your invoice.
  •  Contact Info: Include your and your client’s information.
  •  Invoice Details: Appoint a unique invoice number and date issued.
  •  Due Date: Stipulate the payment details.
  •  Detailed List: List down goods or services with descriptions and prices.
  •  Subtotal: Sum up the item total.
  •  Additional Charges: Includes taxes.
  •  Discount: Add applicable taxes.
  •  Total Amount: Calculate the total amount.
  •  Payment Info: Specify the payment method and details.
  •  Terms & Conditions: Highlight the terms & conditions.
  •  Signature: Add a digital signature.
  •  Save & Share: Save it as a PDF & send it to your client.

Invoice Generator Questionnaires:

1. What is a free invoice generator?

A free invoice generator is an online tool that allows users to create, customize, and send professional invoices without cost. It simplifies the invoicing process for businesses and freelancers.

2. How do I use a free invoice generator?

To use a free invoice generator, you typically enter your business details, client information, and the goods or services specifics. Then, customize the invoice format as needed and download or email it directly to your client.

3. Are the invoices created legally valid?

Yes, invoices created with a free generator are legally valid if they contain all necessary details, such as the issuer’s and recipient’s information, a clear description of goods or services, the total amount due, and payment terms.

4. Can I customize my invoices?

Absolutely. Most free invoice generators allow customization, including adding your business logo, adjusting the layout, and modifying colours and fonts to match your brand identity.

5. Is my data secure when using a free invoice generator?

Reputable free invoice generators implement security measures to protect your data. Always choose a generator with encryption and other security protocols to safeguard your information.

6. Can I save and reuse client information for future invoices?

Yes, many free invoice generators offer features to save client information, making creating invoices for repeat clients easier without re-entering their details each time.

7. Do free invoice generators support multiple currencies?

Many free invoice generators support multiple currencies, allowing you to invoice clients worldwide. Ensure that the generator you choose supports the currencies you need.

8. Can I track the status of my invoices?

Some free invoice generators include tracking features that let you monitor whether an invoice has been viewed or paid, helping you manage your accounts receivable more effectively.

9. Are there limits on the number of invoices I can create?

While some free invoice generators may limit the number of invoices you can create per month, many offer unlimited invoicing. Check the specific terms of the generator you choose.

10. Can I integrate the invoice generator with other business tools?

Many free invoice generators offer integrations with accounting software, payment gateways, and other business tools to streamline your invoicing process and improve overall efficiency.

11. How can I make an invoice for free?

  • Visit Free Invoice Generator.
  • Fill in your company's information, date and invoice number.
  • Allowance of items, including descriptions of work done, billable, supported by agreed rates.
  • Add tax, calculate the amount due, and note the payment terms.
  • Download your invoice as a PDF.
  • With Stubcreator’s online invoice maker, you can generate invoices free.

12. Is there a free invoice app?

Stubcreator: With Stubcreator’s free invoice generator, you can generate free invoices quickly. With this free, great-looking PDF invoice from scratch on your web browser, you can send it to clients in seconds.

13. How do I create a free freelancer invoice?

You will want to include what was done and how much was paid for that work for your invoice. You will also need the total amount and when it is due. How all this is structured will depend on your preferences and what your clients could expect to see in an invoice.

14. How do I make an invoice for a sample?

You will need the following:
  • Unique invoice number.
  • Your complete information.
  • Customer’s complete information- name, address and telephone number.
  • List of products and services provided- cost & taxes.
  • Payment terms and conditions.

15. How much does it cost to use your invoice generator?

The Stubcreator’s invoice generator is free to use for commercial purposes.