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It is a temporary issue from PayPal. You may try again or alternatively you can pay from this link After getting your payment we will e-mail you your paystubs. Please do contact us after paying using above link via Live chat or email support.
==> I don’t like PayStub / Its color  / Its alignment etc.
==> I have no more use now
==> If you didn’t get your pay stub or need any correction, you must have to contact support, direct refund not allowed
==> Calculation wrong
==> Complete Employers name can’t be changed and so refund not available
==> Complete Employees name can’t be changed and so refund not available
==> Changing Pay Period completely doesn’t get refunded.
==> You didn’t get your pay stub within  24 hours
==> Your correction not done in 24 hours
==> You paid twice for same pay period/ pay date
We are sorry to say that the system of first stub free belongs only to the classic paystub and not the advanced paystub. You don’t get first stub free for advanced paystub.
Our system automatically detects unique users based on certain parameters. If you are a unique user as per the system, you will definitely get your first stub free or else you have to pay for stubs.
You can pay with an online banking account or any type of cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Network. We are giving you surety about that, we do not share your payment method information with anyone. All payment information are secured through PayPal and we don’t have access to it.
No, paycheck stubs generated using StubCreator cannot be considered legal document.
Following details can’t be modified completely. If you have minor spelling mistake then it will surely be corrected but completely changing of these details is not possible.
  • Employee Name
  • Employers Name
  • Pay Period
It’s very simple, you can check your all details after clicking of preview button, If you find something wrong, you can correct it by clicking on Edit Button. Still if you find any mistake after generation of pay stub, you can correct it totally free. Or you can contact us 24/7, we’ll resolution of your query in 24 hours. All mistakes can’t be corrected.
Yes, Of course…!  Seamless automated calculations are verified by American professionals.
You do not have to select YTD from drop-down, StubCreator will auto calculate it. If user want’s to calculate manually, they can use that drop-down.
No, after purchasing the paystub, you won’t be able to change its template. You can change and check it in preview mode as many times as you want but nothing can be done regarding that after buying it.
For creating multiple paystubs, you need to add latest date first!
No, you will get paystub via email only. We do not ship or mail paystub.
According to your given details, after preview you can get it through an email in your inbox on clicking of single button. If you do not receive your paystub in Inbox, Kindly check your junk emails or Spam too.
STUBCREATOR is an automation tool where you can generate and download your Stub easily and instantly, as well as you will get instant deliver it in your emailbox too. It’s conducive and ease of access; all you have to do is just enter all necessary information like company, employee, income and deduction information, That’s it.