Why should I prefer STUBCREATOR.COM?
STUBCREATOR is an automation tool where you can generate and download your Stub easily and instantly, as well as you will get instant deliver it in your mailbox too. It’s conducive and ease of access; all you have to do is just enter all necessary information like company, employee, income and deduction information, That’s it.

Will the taxes and YTD (Year to Date) shown on my pay stub be accurate?
Yes, Of course…!  Seamless automated calculations are verified by American professionals.

How will I receive my stub?
According to your given details, after preview you can get it in your mailbox on clicking of single button.
If you will not get your stub in Inbox, Kindly check your junk mails or Spam too.

If I made a mistake in my order information, how can I correct it?
It’s very simple, you can check your all details after clicking of preview button, If you found something wrong, you can correct it on clicking of Edit Button.
and if you found any mistake after generation of pay stub, you can correct it totally free. Or you can contact us 24/7, we’ll resolution of your query in 24 hours.

Are pay stubs considered legal?
A stub provided by stubcreator.com is legal because accurate and authoritative information about company, employee, income and deduction are provided by you, it’s best to carefully review the state requirements for the delivery of employee pay information.

How do I make a payment?
You can pay with an online banking account or any type of cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Network. We are giving you surety about that, we do not share your payment method information with anyone.

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