What is a Pay Stub Calculator?

A Pay Stub Calculator is a tool used to calculate an employee’s net pay, particularly home pay, after the subtractions are done from their gross pay.

How to Calculate Monthly Pay Stub?

To calculate, you will need to follow the below examples that are based on the salary and hourly earnings:


Mark earns $55,000 per year in the role of a payroll assistant. To find out how much he earns every month, he performs the following calculation:

$55,000 /12 = $4,583.33

Mark’s calculation regulates that he earns about $4,583.33 monthly before the tax and other deductions are made.

Hourly Earning:

Finn earns $12 per hr. as an administrative assistant working for 20 hrs. per week. To find out his annual Income, he multiplies his hourly earnings by the hours of work he has attended each week.

Hourly pay X Worked Hours = $12 X 20 = $240.

Finn multiplies the earlier total by 52 for the number of weeks in a year.

$240 X 52 = $12,480

With his yearly Income out, he can divide it by 12 for the months in a year.

Monthly Income: $12,480 / 12 = $1,040

Finn found out that he earns $1,040 per month.

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