What are Payroll Deductions?


A Payroll deduction is the money your employer hides from your paychecks stubs for various reasons. This may include essential deductions, which are taken out for tax purposes for other benefit programs like retirement plans or healthcare advantages. Mostly the advantages related to deductions include pre-tax dollars, which simply means you pay less income tax your salary.


How do you Calculate Payroll Deductions?


Employers use a payroll deduction formula to understand an employee’s net pay after deductions of several withholdings.

The standard deduction formula is:

Net Pay = Gross Pay – Total Withholdings.


Authentic and appropriate payroll calculation and consent with deductions are important to ensure the employees receive their net pay efficiently and on time.


Payroll Calculations


1- Types of Payroll:


There are various types of payroll calculations which are mentioned below:


  • Hourly Workers: For example, if the worker has worked 38 hrs a week and the payment is scheduled for weekly pay with a standard rate of $12 per hr. The calculation will be 38hrs. * 1 week * $12 per hr. = $146.
  • Salaried Workers: An employee has an annual salary of $84,000 and is paid semi-monthly. The calculation for this particular employee will be $84,000 / 24 = $3,500.


2- Deductions:


Various compulsory and mandatory deductions from an employee’s paycheck for federal reserves exist.


  • Social Security:  These deductions are collected by the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) to indulge with social security tax needs like retirement benefits.
  • Income Tax: Employers need to subtract and withhold the portion of the employee’s wage as an income tax to be submitted and paid to federal agencies. The employees fill the form with the correct information like the amount required to be claimed, marriage status and other relevant information for filing taxes with legal agencies.
  • Medicare: This is a compulsory additional tax deduction, and contrary to social security taxes, there is no typical limit for deducting Medicare taxes.


3- Submission of Taxes:

An employer must regularly deposit the withholding amount with the federal agency’s data. In addition, employers must submit and report to Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA), which takes care of unemployment compensation matters.

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