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What is Federal Income Tax?


A Federal income tax is a tax that is for individuals, businesses and other entities. All wages, salaries, business income, tips, bonuses, and benefits come under federal income tax.

The (IRS) Internal Revenue Service assesses the federal income tax on the annual earnings of all individuals, corporations and other entities. Federal income tax ranges from 10% to 37% and comes under play only at specific income verge.

How Much is Federal Income Tax?


A federal income tax is generated on a liberal tax system, where high-income earners are taxed at a higher rate. Now let’s take a closer look at how tax brackets work.

The tax bracket aims to provide genetic tax benefits to lower-income individuals and, in return, collect more tax from higher-income individuals. Tax brackets are often indicated towards a particular income range with an associated percentage.

For example, for the 2023 federal income tax year, a payer earns $44,726, and $95,375 are under the tax bracket of 22%. Their income between these two amounts is negotiated at a 22% tax rate.

Income below  $44,726 are negotiated at a lower rate, and income above $95,375 are negotiated at a higher rate.


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