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What is State Income Tax?


State Income Tax is a direct tax assessed by a state on income earned. It may mean all your income earned anywhere in your state of residence. State income taxes are imposed on a fixed or gradable rate on the taxable income of an individual or a corporation.


How do the State Income Tax Rates Work?


If you live and work in the same state, you may only have to submit a single state tax return annually. But, if you have spent more than one year in a state, you must file taxes in more than one state.


Filing income taxes in more than one state results in expenses since most tax preparation and filing software packages only include one state in accordance to their base pricing.

Types of State Income Taxes


There are 2 different types of taxes: flat taxes and progressive taxes.

1- Flat Taxes:  A flat tax is a flat rate commonly known as a fixed percentage of your income. This type of tax is also known as proportional tax because the earning you pay is proportional to your earning.

2- Progressive Taxes: A progressive tax varies depending on your earnings. The more you earn, the larger your income goes straightway to the government through taxes. The federal taxes are also progressive.

Does Florida have a State Income Tax?


No, Florida do not have a State Income Tax. Distributions from qualified retirement plans such as 401(k), 403(b) plan, and individual retirement accounts (IRA) are not liable for state or municipal taxation in Florida.

Does Texas have a State Income Tax?


There is no state income tax in Texas (the state).

  • As long as Texas doesn’t mind how people in the state make money or how they keep track of it, the state doesn’t interfere see no need to interfere in their lives.
  • Texas is a more alluring area for high-earners to settle down than states that impose an income tax.
  • People in Texas want it to be that way, and their legislators have listened to them.


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