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W2 Form2019 is essential for filing returns of the respective year. If you are looking for budgetary printable W2 Form 2019, use the above template and get your W2 Form 2019 ready in minutes in just $6.99. It is the reflection of the earned wages and tips by your employees; hence it is required to maintain accuracy while filling the details. Employers will have to send this form to Social Security Administration (Copy-A) and to the state and local tax authorities (Copy-1).

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What is a printable w2 form 2019 pdf​?

The printable w2 form 2019 form is a record of your income from your employer. The information on it includes how much you made during 2019, withholdings, your Social Security number, other personal information, and any benefits you may have been paid during that year. You will receive a new printable w2 form 2019 pdf​ each year you work as an employee.


Types of printable w2 form 2019 pdf​

A printable w2 form 2019 pdf​ is a Wage and Tax Statement. Employers send them out annually at year’s end and include this information.

  • Wages paid
  • Taxes withheld
  • Social Security deductions
  • Pension contributions
  • Other employee pay

The IRS says copies of these forms should be kept by employees in case they are audited.

When you start a new job, your employer will estimate how much money you can expect to make during that first year on the job.

When you receive your printable w2 form 2019 pdf​ at year’s end, it will show how much money was actually made during that time period.

Some people may get more or less than what was estimated due to raises or bonuses received during that period.

Printable w2 form 2019 is available online at, but most people prefer to print their printable w2 form 2019 pdf​ at home before they are ready to send in with a tax return.

The IRS usually has its version of a W-2 form that can be downloaded, containing extra lines or codes used when preparing a return.

These codes can also be found on an employer’s actual paper version of a printable w2 form 2019 if needed by an individual who might have lost their copy over time.

In some cases, it may even be possible to access these codes through your company’s internet website.