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What is Dependent Care FSA?


A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a tax-advantaged benefit account allowing employees to set aside tax dollars to pay for eligible dependent care expenses. These expenses include the care of qualified dependents like children under 13 and disabled dependents.


How Does Dependent Care FSA Work?


Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how a dependent care FSA work:


  • Open Enrollment: Employees can enrol in their employer’s Dependent Care FSA during an open enrollment process.
  • Pre-Tax Contributions: An employee nominates to contribute a certain amount from their salary towards the Dependent Care FSA each pay period.
  • Eligible Dependent Care Expenses: The Dependent Care FSA can cover acceptable expenses related to the care of qualified dependents.
  • Submitting The Claims: When an employer infiltrates an eligible dependent care expense, they can submit a claim to the FSA administrator for repayment.
  • Repayment: Once the FSA administration verifies the claim and confirms that the costs are eligible, they will repay the employee from the funds contributed to the Dependent Care FSA.
  • The Rule of “Use it or Lose it”: It is essential to understand the “Use it or Lose it” rule, which is associated with the Dependent Care FSA. Any funds remaining which are remaining in the account at the end of the year generally vanish unless the employer offers you a grace period.
  • Renewal of Plan: The Dependent Care FSAs are operated on an annual plan year basis. And at the end of each calendar year, employees need to re-enroll for the next year if they want to be a part of the FSA.


How to Use Dependent Care FSA?


Only the parents with custody of the children may utilise the FSA funds for child care if you and your companion are divorced. If you are married, you must both be employed and have a source of income to be eligible for reimbursement (unless one companion is unemployed and actively seeking work or is disabled and unable to work). If not, the money you donate to the account will be lost, and you will be responsible for paying any taxes that should have been spent on the original amount.


Do Dependent Care FSA Rollover?


Amounts not used at the end of the plan year will be forfeited. Dependent Care FSA does not permit rollover.


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