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What is a Pay Stub Template?


A pay stub is a document an employer provides an employee to handle as a payment record. If an employee receives payment via bank transfer, a pay stub is hooked with the deposit.


The following details are mentioned in the pay stub:

How to Create a Pay Stub Template?


You can create your pay stubs manually or via software to track employees’ wages and deductions.


Whatever you choose, may it be manually creating or generating via software, keep the below-mentioned points in check:

  • At the top, the company name is mentioned with contact information.
  • Make sure to include columns for invoice numbers and other employee information.
  • Generate a field to mention how each salary is being broken down.

Generally, the software has built-in paystub generators. You only have to adjust the dashboard according to your needs and use it as yours. You can also find a free pay stub generator to make your process faster and easier.


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