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What is Payroll Tax?


Payroll Tax means the taxes employers must deduct from their employee’s salaries and pay on their behalf. These taxes are then sent to the appropriate government bodies. Payroll taxes are funded by social insurance programs like Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax and Unemployment benefits, which provide financial support to employees and their families during emergencies.


How Much is Payroll Tax?


In 2023, the federal payroll tax rates are the following:


1- Rate of Social Security Taxation: 6.2% for employees and 6.2% for employers.


2- Medicare Tax Rate: 1.45% for employees and 1.45% for employers.


3- When annual salary exceeds: When the annual salary exceeds $200,000, the employee will pay an additional 0.9% of Medicare.


How to Calculate Payroll Taxes?


Payroll administration, which includes the calculation of the payroll taxes, may be done manually by a business when it first starts with a small number of employees. But if the company expands, hiring a third-party payroll provider or using software that automates the procedure and grows with the company will probably become more cost-effective.


Any business would benefit from knowing the costs involved and the fundamentals of computing payroll tax if only to plan for payroll accurately. The first step is to identify the portion of an employee’s salary that has to be withheld for income taxes.


The more complex percentage approach, or the wage bracket method, determines the amount of federal income tax withheld from paycheck stubs. Each call for details from the Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Certificate, and the employee’s gross income.


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