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why you should read your pay stub

Pay Stubs are important documents. Humans are prone to mistakes so mistakes happen. You won’t want the same to happen with your paycheck so it’s necessary for you to read your paystub. With StubCreator, we are making an effort to highlight the mistakes-prone areas on your pay stub. This will help you in catching mistakes easily before wasting money or time as both are valuable. Money can be earned again but time lost is lost forever.

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Pay stub maker is very helpful for your small business, if you want to save a great amount of time from your payroll services then we are at your service to provide you with an online pay stub maker which helps you keep track of all the taxes and deductions. Our free paycheck stubs generator will work for you in the way you want it to.

Mistake Prone Zone

Finding mistakes on your free pay stub isn’t rocket science. It’s pretty easy to find mistakes in your paystub. It’s simple as you just have to pay attention and check the correctness of everything that is mentioned on the paystub.

Few of the places which are most likely to have mistakes which we can define as mistake prone area:

  • Total hours worked: Irrespective of whether you are on a salaried basis or an hourly basis, you should cultivate the habit of checking a total number of working hours. The frequency of error in calculating this is pretty high. By having a look at this, you can make sure you get all your rightful money.
  • Paid Time Off: Have a record of your paid time off, the vacation time off, sick leave and tally it in the end when you receive your pay stub. In case of error, you can contact the responsible person who in most cases is your Human Resource Manager. Based on records and on further verifications, if you are right they will surely make the changes.
  • Tax Calculation: Checking the correctness of taxes is very important for you as an individual. If in any case, there is a mistake in the tax calculation; Income tax return department will hold you from your collar and not your company. In above cases, you will be paid less from what should be actually paid to you but in this case, you get stuck in a legal matter and you may have a penalty or in a severe case, you may get behind the bars. So make certain that you keep a track on local tax and state taxes as sometimes HR personnel may forget about it. In this case, StubCreator will help you out as it is created as per state laws and we update it regularly based on the changes in the current taxation system.
  • Information: Check your basic information like name, adder, SSN and other details as these areas are prone to mistakes. Double check if your name is slightly different from the most common names and resembles common names. SSN is important as based on that you will get your retirement plan benefits. Checking this not only helps in the present but also in future.
  • Deductions: You need to double check the deductions and their amounts and check if the deductions are correct or not because it can save you from trauma if you are an investor in any of the retirement-related plans. If your company provides you with retirement benefits check the details and especially the amount.

Thus, in this way checking your free check stubs is beneficial to you only in all respects.

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What information can you find on your pay stub?


Your pay stub contains information on your earnings, deductions, taxes, and other payroll-related information. This includes your gross pay, net pay, taxes withheld, and any deductions such as health insurance premiums or retirement contributions.

Why is it important to review your pay stub?


Reviewing your pay stub is crucial because it allows you to ensure that you are being paid accurately and per your employment agreement. It can also help you identify any errors or discrepancies in your pay, deductions, or taxes and take action to resolve them.

How can reviewing your pay stub benefit your financial management?


Reviewing your pay stub can benefit your financial management by clearly understanding your income, expenses, and taxes. This can help you make informed decisions about your spending and savings and identify areas where you can cut costs or increase your income.

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