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Paycheck Calculator is one of the best available online services. It is greatly beneficial to corporations and individuals who are self-employed or own small businesses. It provides proficiency in handling check stubs, thus not requiring users to depend on any third person to carry out the most important task on behalf of any person or company.

Manual Checks v/s Paycheck Calculator

Manual checks remained an exception to stub making. To overcome this, the Online Paycheck Calculator, the best solution to manual stub creation, makes stub computation available.

The man-made or self-calculated stubs by humans are more likely to be error-prone as there are multiple stubs created at a time; all the calculations are done right from the beginning till the end, separately for each stub. It makes the check-stub generation procedure lengthy and tedious. While working with Online Pay Stub Generator tool, you don’t have to waste your time scribbling amounts for yourself or your employees. You will get a sophisticated stub generated only for you within a minute.

Paycheck calculator by – The best tool you will ever come across

Users’ search for the best paystub maker ends at, a flexible stub maker that covers all the aspects of an ideal stub-making tool. Its flexibility is what makes it stand out amongst other tools available for the same purpose.

With an efficient automated calculator that performs seamless computations, you can immediately make online pay stubs without logging in or creating an account. First, the free stub is provided to clients as an efficiency test they can initiate on-site. When they re-visit for paid check stubs, they have to pay $3.99 per stub only, which is very pocket-friendly.

With provisions for making stubs for making paychecks for employees and contractors, it provides versatility with an easy-to-use and understandable interface.

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Using Free Paycheck Calculator Online

It is elementary to use free paycheck calculator online. There are only three steps to be followed to get the task of stub-making done for you. Enter the information required correctly, starting from the state, marital status, pay cycle, hour rate, total hours, pay period YTD, Company Name, and Address. The earning statement then comprises the employee’s Name and Address, Social Security Number, Reporting Period, Pay Date, Employee Number, Gross Earnings per hour Rate, and total number of hours. This covers all the details that are required within a pay stub.

Online Check Stubs are not mere payroll identifications. They also serve as proof of producing a valid document of income and help largely when availing of any credit or service like a loan. They are beneficiaries as they can be easily used while filing tax returns, and employees are worry-free as they do not have to worry about proper and relevant income evidence.

Most Versatile Online Pay Stub Generator

The versatility of the paystub maker is what makes it more used. The use of the Online Pay Stub Generator by is not limited to creating employee check stubs. If a company appoints a fellow like a plumber or electrician, they come under the category of contractor as they are not permanently appointed employees of the firm. There is a provision for creating stubs for them, too.

There is a fine line between the stubs of employees and contractors; they are not given benefits like PF or the amounts of federal and state taxes deducted from their gross pay amount. So, there is a need for an all-rounder-free paystub maker to produce every relevant kind of stub.

Made for Single to Bulk Paychecks with Check Stub Maker Free

It is not mandatory to produce a specific amount of payroll at a time. A single paystub can be generated, as can stubs created in bulk. The maximum number of stubs available at a time for the same stub is 12. As an employer, you can make as many paystubs as you wish, even if you have hundreds of employees.

Do your own Check Stub Processing with Online Check Stub

Hitting Create Pay Stub is as useful to self-employed guys as to owners of large and small businesses. It is easy for people who are their own bosses. They can manage stub-making alongside their busy ongoing schedule. They are relieved from visiting the accountants or constantly keeping in touch to make a payment record for you. It is conducive for freelancers who receive their pay online. Online Check Stub makes the manageability of payrolls too available at their fingertips, so they don’t have to rush when tax season is around.

Pay Stub Creator – Employees Earning Record Keeper

With Pay Stub Creator, employees’ paystubs are kept up-to-date. The stubs can be maintained in a series fashion throughout the reporting period. Employees have YTD records of their pay, all thanks to the efficient paycheck calculator, which makes them relevant to employees.

As instant copies of paystubs are forwarded to employees individually, they can generate a print copy anytime they desire. With pin-point formatting, all details are clearly visible, and proper classifications are made into related sections for employees and other readers to understand what the earning statement wants to convey.

Put this Online Pay Stub Maker to good use for your business so you can spend more and more time concentrating on the up-growth of the organization. Moreover, one can keep an eye on income and expenses more closely. Thus beneficial for both the company and employees, it is a ‘must use’ in today’s techno-freak world where people want everything at the tips of their fingers and want everything instantly available to them. Make stubs with the flow- Enter, Preview, and Save, and that’s all.

Paycheck Calculator, which has uncomplicated and comprehensible functionality, is available for use at Its unmatched speed of stub generation will leave users awe-struck. Not only is it speedy in generating results, but the preciseness is also noteworthy.

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How accurate is a paycheck calculator?


The accuracy of a paycheck calculator will depend on the quality of the tool you are using. However, most reputable paycheck calculators are designed to provide accurate results.

What information do I need to use a paycheck calculator?


To use a paycheck calculator, you must typically input your gross pay, pay frequency, federal and state tax withholding information, and any applicable deductions, such as health insurance or retirement contributions.

Can a paycheck calculator factor in overtime pay?


Yes, many paycheck calculators allow for the inclusion of overtime pay. Input the number of overtime hours worked, and the calculator will factor in the appropriate pay rate.

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