Free Pay Stub Maker has a lot to offer you, only if you know how to reap maximum benefits. There are a lot of reasons you need to drop the idea of using fake paychecks as you can make free pay stubs easily with Stub Creator. Be assured to receive efficient check stubs in minutes. Let us take you through the dangers of choosing fake paychecks and the perks of creating free check stubs online.

What makes Fake Pay Stubs avoidable?

  • Prone to rejection and denying of credit facilities
  • You may suffer penalties for producing illegal income evidence
  • Rustication from Job for using company’s name for personal benefit
  • Discontinuity of current services provided on the contrary of encountering fake income proof

Despite knowing this, many employees put their job at risk by producing them while availing of credit facilities. The disadvantages are not limited to this, one may also suffer from serious penalties too. The main reason behind doing so is they want to save bucks. If you too have the same mindset and don’t want to spend more on pay stubs but want a genuine free pay stub template with a calculator, we can help!

How is Free Pay Stub Maker a Savior?

As already mentioned, a free pay stub maker can be a great choice every time you want to generate a paycheck. By keeping the central idea of saving money on each stub, you don’t need to opt for illegal ways since you can do the same with a genuine paystub generator online. The following are the common perks to creating a pay stub legally:

1. Faster Credit Approvals

When you create a pay stub online, it evokes a sense of genuineness in itself. It makes a positive impact when you produce the stubs while availing of credit facilities. Your chances to get faster approval of bank loans, home loans, and other credits increase. This means that the loan which could take longer to be sanctioned can be approved at a faster pace.

2. Feasible Access

Stub creation is a one-time process if you have entered all the correct information. Once generated, your stub is saved with you forever in your mailbox. You can access the paystubs created months before anytime and anywhere you find the need. This is not at all possible with fake paychecks. Only a genuine paystub calculator can provide this amazing facility keeping user convenience at the core.

3. Payment Convenience

Any free pay stub generator can allow a limited number of stubs for free and then if you wish to proceed with a check stub maker free, you will be required to pay a very nominal amount per paycheck. Making multiple payment options available to users, payment convenience is given priority so you can choose the desired payment mode.

Thinking other way, employers can choose the desired payment duration and pay employees in varied work duration. This is another kind of payment convenience.

4. Pay Stub Template Choices

With fake paychecks, you don’t have a variety of templates to choose from but with our free pay stub maker, you get a broad array of paystub template choices. This includes both, basic and advanced stub templates. The amazing add-on gives you a chance to choose your own desired format for your organization.

Pick the right Free Paycheck Stub Template

5. Reflect Professionalism

Online pay stubs to ensure that your professionalism is maintained and is reflected in its best sense. It automatically improves your impression wherever it is produced. It is a valuable document you possess.

Try out Free Paycheck Stub Templates now!

If you found the reasons enough to give pay stub generator a try, why don’t you do it now? Check out the easy-to-download and use templates.

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What is a fake paycheck, and why is it a bad idea?


A fake paycheck is a fraudulent document that attempts to mimic a real paycheck or pay stub. Using a fake paycheck can be a serious crime, resulting in legal or financial consequences. Using a legitimate pay stub maker is important to ensure that your pay stubs are accurate, legal, and compliant with financial and tax regulations.

How does a free pay stub maker differ from a fake paycheck?


A free pay stub maker is a legitimate tool that allows you to generate accurate and compliant pay stubs for your employees or personal use. On the other hand, a fake paycheck is a fraudulent document that attempts to deceive others into believing that you have earned income you have not actually received.

What are the benefits of using a free pay stub maker over a fake paycheck?


The benefits of using a free pay stub maker over a fake paycheck include legal compliance, accuracy, and ease of use. Using a legitimate pay stub maker ensures that your pay stubs are accurate and compliant with financial and tax regulations.

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