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What is Form W-9?

Form W-9 is used as a request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and certification form. It contains number of personal information such as employee’s name, address, social security number and others.

One important thing about W9 form is that employer doesn’t need to be sent to IRS. But this form is usually kept with the employer so that the information can be used later on for filling up of other tax filing forms.

The Form W-9 is an essential tools for businesses to accumulate information about self employed entities or different workers. Checking the information on this form and staying up with the latest will guarantee you have the right personal information on document when comes time to file tax and submitting other tax documents.

Availability of Form W-9

Usually business or financial institution provides blank Form W-9 for the employees to fill in. Being an independent business owner or employer, it’s you /your company’s duty to provide Form W-9s to your contractors who work independently. You can download the blank Form W-9 at IRS website. StubCreator provides an easy way out. You can fill out the Form W-9 online for your business or for your independent contractor online at just $3.99 and get it in print ready format.

Filling Out Form W-9

W-9 Form doesn’t ask much complex details. They are easy and straightforward. You just need to provide your personal details like name and social security number. Name and employer identification number should be available there.

By submitting Form W-9, it’s a certification to IRS that tax ID which you provided is pretty accurate.

Use of Form W-9

  • Form W-9 is used by businesses for gathering information from vendors which are hired as independent contractors. If a contractor gets payment of $600 or more within a year then it should be reported on a 1099-MISC form. IRS becomes aware about the total income of contractors so that it can be beneficial in calculating the taxes. This information is used to fill up the 1099-MISC form.
  • One more important thing to note is that the employees and contractors are completely different entities and hence should be treated differently. Form W-9 is for independent contractors so this form should be filled up by them only. Employees should fill up only Form W-4.
  • For accounting dividends and interests also sometimes Form W-9 is used by Financial Institutions. But, this has a prior condition that the Financial Institution should have the records of payee’s tax ID at the time of initiating an account.
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