What is YTD (Year-to-Date)?

Year-to-date (YTD) is the term used to describe the time span from the start of the current calendar year or fiscal year to the present.

Year-to-date (YTD) data can be used to compare performance to peers or competitors in the same industry or to analyze business trends over time.

How to Calculate Year-To-Date Income?

Year-to-date (YTD) is an easy idea to understand. Use the steps listed below to compute it.

Step 1: Subtract the value as of the present from the value as of the fiscal year’s beginning day.

Step 2: Multiply the outcome of step 1 by the amount that was tallied on the fiscal year’s opening day.

Step 3: 100 times the outcome of step 2.

Step 4: The YTD number in percentage is determined by the outcome of step 3.

Year-to-Date Calculation

Consider a gross income of $60,000. Learn how many months the employee worked in a given year. Subtract the number of months worked from the total monthly wage. For instance, divide the amount if the worker was employed by the corporation for eight months, and divide ​$60,000​ by 8 to get ​$7,500​.

How to Add Year-to-Date in Excel?

Excel formula: =DATE(YEAR(A2) + 5, MONTH(A2), DAY(A2)) to add years to a date. The calculation extends the date in cell A2 by five years.

In Excel, enter =DATE(YEAR(A2) – 5, MONTH(A2), DAY(A2)) to take years off of a date. 5 years are subtracted from the date in cell A2 by the formula.

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