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What is YTD (Year-to-Date)?


(YTD) Year-to-Date means a period of time beginning the first day of the current year upto the current date. YTD information is important for scanning business trends over a period of time and for comparing competitor’s data from the same industry.


How to Calculate Year-To-Date Income?


Below are the steps in order to calculate Year-To-Date Income:


1- Gather Your Data: Your first step is to resolve what was the actual value of portfolio on Jan 1st and what is the portfolio value today.

2- Insert Data into Formula: Plug-in the above figure into the YTD format.

3- Solve it to Obtain a Decimal Value: After you have checked that you copied the amount correctly, now you can solve the equation.

4- Convert Decimal into Percentage: The remaining amount is the decimal, but firms often uses YTD data as percentage because it shows you the return generated for every dollar of the original investment. To decrypt it into a percentage, multiply this by 100, which will give you the output as a YTD value of 50%.

5- Illustrate the Result: Once you have got your YTD percentage you can scan the return on investment (ROI) in the portfolio.


Year-to-Date Calculation:


Below are the 2 steps on how can you calculate YTD:

Step 1- Using EDATE Function: EDATE function adds or subtracts the supplied number of months from a date and gives a serial number. Whatever you do, with the serial number, when you want a date?


Let’s move on to the formula of EDATEfucntion to add years to a date:


=EDATE (C3, (10*12))


With the dates in column C, the EDATE function assumes the C3 as it’s working date. Next is, the number of months that will be added to the date. Here in the above formula we have entered 10*12 to add twelve years instead of months.


Make sure to have the format of the target column changed into the date format as per your preference.


Step 2: Custom Formula: If you are thinking about breaking down the formula it is very much possible to add years to a date in excel using the arithmetic formula.




365 years has been multiplied with 10 though we want to add 10 years and added that date in C3.


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