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California’s Exit Tax

California is the wealthiest U.S. state. Hollywood is a vast and crucial part of California, which resides in the heart of it. In August 2020, California announced Assembly Bill 2088, which has crumpled its wealthiest residents’ hands.


The AB 2088 is at its core, so you can imagine the fear and concern it came from within the wealthiest state of America. In Bill AB 2088, several different taxes come into play, but nothing is more complicated and controversial than the California exit tax.


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What is California’s Exit Tax?


The adjoining part of California’s wealth tax is the exit tax. This exit tax is where many state’s rich residents think that California has breached the line, and there is no doubt about some high-flying court battles that will follow up in the coming years.


You must be wondering why the exit tax got so much hype and got so much rich and popular. It all breaks down to California taxing its richest residents up to ten years after they migrated to the state.


The exit tax had failed the plans of the mega-richest individuals deciding to fly to another state before the exit tax came into effect.


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What is California’s Wealth Tax?


California’s Exit Tax is a part of the state’s larger tax on the wealthy- known as the “Wealthy Tax.” California came up with a bill that would tax its residents on the value of their wealth; it was accepted in Sacramento in August 2020.


The Bill AB of 2088 appoints a tax of 0.4% on all California residents worldwide whose net worth exceeds $30,000,000. If a taxpayer is married, they have to file their taxes separately from their companion; then this figure will be separated into half to $15,000.


As you can notice, ordinary people are concerned the wealth tax is useless. The wealth tax is calculated annually, meaning the resident must earn over $30,000,000 in one year to qualify.


Bill AB 2088 describes worldwide net worth, which references certain federal provisions. It does not include different types of assets, which also includes property. The bill allows the franchise tax board in order to carry out provisions and endorse regulations that detail the value of non-publicly traded resources.


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Why is the Exit Tax been Introduced by California?


California has introduced the exit tax on wealthy people because the tax base has diminished dramatically. From 2010 onwards, the state’s tax base has been approximately reduced to $24.6 billion, which by Californian standards is compelling.


Nonetheless, many residents believe that they have missed the mark. Instead of addressing the pain point of the massacre, they decided to rule with an iron fist and make it more demanding for the residents. However, the exit tax only affects the richest residents, but it does not look good or set a good impression of what is about to happen.


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How much is California’s Exit Tax?


The price of California exit tax is that of 0.4% of an individual’s net pay worth over $30,000,000 in a particular tax year- but it doesn’t matter where it is located, it is in the CA or other states which is within the U.S. or overseas countries. This amount is then split into half to $15,000,000 if a married couple is a taxpayer who files a separate return to their companion. 


The one warning is that there is no Californian exit tax on real estate, but if real estate is within the state borderlines, it will still be taxed under the Californian Revenue Tax Code § 17591.


Who has to Pay California Taxes?


The exit tax applies to both the business and individuals who leave California. This includes firms that move their operations out of the state and individuals who relocate to another state. Note: The exit tax only applies if an individual is moving to another state that is not within California’s boundaries.


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How Does California Regulate Residency?


An agency is tasked to determine who is tagged as a Californian resident and who is not in the Franchise Tax Board. The Franchise Tax Board would cleanse over 19 doomed factors to complete this rule. This is what they call as  the “closest connection test.”


Below mentioned are a few factors, but they are not limited to:


  • Location of the resident’s largest residential property 
  • Where are the resident’s companion and children are residing
  • Where are the resident’s children going to school 
  • Where the resident claims their homeowner’s property tax dispensation
  • Resident’s credit card account statements 
  • Number of days that a resident spends on an annual ground in California
  • Residency, which is listed on a resident’s tax returns
  • Where a resident votes
  • Where are the resident’s vehicle is registered
  • Where the resident visits the doctor or a dentist


The Franchise Tax Board gives the above-mentioned determining factors a generic value. These values are then piled up to determine the residency status of an individual resident in particular.


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What if a Resident has already Left California?


Suppose an individual has already left California but continues to have financial bonding with the state under the California Revenue and Tax Code 17591. In that case, they still are required to pay the state tax. This income tax they pay is only responsive to the income earned within California but is still a pain in the back of the rich individuals.


For example, when a resident moves to another state but is running a business or buying and selling property within the state- these types of investments would be taxed.


California uses the “source income” principle to calculate who is compelled to pay state income tax, including Bill AB 2088.


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As it is clear from this article, California is not afraid to be in for a controversy. The state needs to regain its lost taxes over the last 10 years, which has resulted in the wealth and exit tax. Whether you agree or disagree, there is no space for denying that this controversial method will see them at war with their wealthiest residents for years to arrive. If you want to generate your free paystub, check this link out!!!


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What is California's exit tax?


It's a tax imposed on certain residents leaving the state, targeting unrealized capital gains over a certain threshold.

Who is subject to the exit tax?


California residents meeting specific criteria, including high-income individuals and those with substantial property, may be subject to this tax.

How is the exit tax calculated?


The tax is levied on unrealized capital gains exceeding $1 million. Calculations can be complex, involving various factors and exemptions.

Are there exemptions or deductions?


Yes, certain exemptions and deductions may apply based on factors like primary residence, property type, and other circumstances.

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