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Fake Paystub?

When you move into a new apartment, you might be asked to show proof of your income during the application process. According to federal law, employees don’t need to provide pay stubs, but it can put you in a competitive position when showing proof of your fixed income or salary.


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Tips on How to Make a Fake PayStub:


If you are out of work and filing a pay stub template with fake business and salary information, it’s considered an illegal act. If you are caught faking this pay stub template, this can land you in jail with a fine as high as $1 million. Below are 8 tips on how to make a fake paystub but in a legal way:


The Number of Dollars should be Exact:

Professional accountants generate appropriate paystubs. So, if you’re working on a pay stub, you should stay away from extremely using assessments and gathering because they look like professional templates. Because landlords look at these documents regularly.


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Proofread the PayStub:

You should ensure the information you provide is authentic and easy to read and understand. When you’re finished with your paystub, review it and keep a check on common issues like:


  • Numbers are added up properly
  • The neatness of the format
  • Quality of printing
  • Typos & Spelling Errors
  • Clarity & Directness


Never Miss Important Information:

If you aren’t a payroll professional, it’s easy to forget to include some information on your pay stubs.


Make sure the below-mentioned information isn’t missing out:


  • Gross Pay: The amount of money you are paid before deductions are made. If you are paid hourly, you will multiply your hourly rate by your work hours. If you’re paid a salary, you will divide the full annual salary by the number of pay periods per year.
  • Tax, Deduction & Contributions: General items deducted from the final amount include tax deductions from the IRS and state tax department, healthcare benefits, payroll taxes, and 401K contributions.
  • Net Pay: This is the actual money left after all the deductions. This is the money which you can spend.


Use an Efficient Program:

Use a free online paystub maker to make it hassle-free. This generator is designed to work irrespective of your background; it doesn’t matter if you’re a self-employed individual or work for a small firm. It’s free to use for all.


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How can you say the program is appropriate:

Various free paystub generators are online for generating paystubs. Some programs are free to use, while others charge small fees. However, these generators can land you in trouble as they tend to feed invalid data while creating the paystub.


Remember to find the following things:


  • Uniform decimal point
  • Consistent columns & headers
  • History of the Business
  • Customer Service
  • Does the site have tight security
  • Company’s Social Media Presence


This is not a One-Time Work:

Most people aren’t concerned about pay stubs until the firm asks them to prove their employment status and income. That’s where the trouble begins. However, you should keep generating paystubs regularly, even if you’re not using them.


The main reason for having the pay stub in hand is it can help with verifying things like the certainty of your W-2 forms during the tax season, budgeting, and tracking retirement savings.


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You Should Know How Long Should You Keep a Pay Stub:

You should keep the pay stub in a safe and secure place, like a locked cabinet, along with your tax documentation. Remember to abandon all the documents when the tax documentation becomes invalid.


How to Throw Them Out:

You would never want to throw away any pay stub in a trash can. You can shred these documents so that no one can obtain sensitive information. Many people have become victims of identity theft and fraud because of the information inside them.




A fake paystub is easy to catch, verifying the applicant’s income and ensuring its validity is crucial. After you have read this article, you should be confident enough and be prepared to generate a fake paystub and even ensure the authenticity of income and its documents.


Note: creating fake paystubs. It is illegal and unethical. Always adhere to legal and honest practices.


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