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Lowes paystubs

Lowe’s employees need to know how they can grab pay stubs from Lowee. A pay stub is, also known as pay check, showcases the amount of money you have earned during a pay period and if any deductions made.


In this blog, we will be discussing Lowes Pay stubs and how you can get a Pay stub from Lowes. So, let’s begin.


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How to Get Pay Stub from Lowes Pay stubs?


  • Visit the Lowes Employee Portal. Enter your login credentials to log into the dashboard.
  • Find the My Lowe’s Life in the upper corner of the page. Click it once, and a menu will appear.
  • Enter your ID and password. 
  • Visit my HR.
  • When successfully authenticated with the credentials, a see my payslip option will appear on the left side of the page.
  • When you click on it, you can see the whole archive of your pay stub since the day you joined this company.
  • After that, a window will move upward with your paystub, which you can print or save on your computer.


lowes paystubs


How Can I get Access to my W-2 tax form?


You can choose one of the two alternatives in order to obtain access to your W-2 tax form:


1st Method:


  • Visit
  • Enter the Employee code 11116 when it is requested.
  • Enter your ID.
  • In case you need to remember your ID, click forgot ID link.
  • Enter your password.
  • In case you need to remember your password, click forgot password link.
  • After you have successfully logged in, you can save, print or download your W-2 form.


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2nd Method:


Equifax at 1-888-481-5721.


What Information do I need to get a Pay Stub from Lowes?


To get pay stubs from Lowes, you shall provide your User ID and Password. You shall find your employee ID on your paycheck stubs.


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Why You May Need Pay Stubs from Lowes?


Your Lowes paystub might come in handy for various reasons. 


  • Applying for a loan
  • Renting an apartment
  • Proving employment
  • Calculating Tax Obligations


What to do If you do not Work at Lowes Anymore?


For example, if you do not work at Lowes anymore and you need a copy of your pay stub, the HR department will guide you on how to recover pay stubs from your previous job.


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Can I Make My Pay Stub at Home?


Yes, you can make your pay stub at home with the help of online generators, but not all lenders and landlords will appreciate electronic pay stubs.




You might obtain your pay stubs from Lowes Pay stub easily if you follow the above steps, and in case you encounter any difficulty, you can come back to this blog and solve your problems.


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Disclaimer: Stubcreator is not affiliated with Lowes or its Associates. Lowes brands or logos are trademarked or registered trademarks. The article general guidance for Lowes paystub access. Refer to Lowes‘s official resources and consult HR for specific details.



How do I access my Lowes paystubs online?


To access your paystubs online, visit the Lowes Employee Portal, log in, and navigate to the "Pay and Taxes" section.

What if I forgot my Lowes Employee Portal login credentials?


You can reset your password or retrieve your username on the Employee Portal login page. Follow the provided instructions.

Can I request physical copies of my paystubs from Lowes?


Yes, you can request physical copies from your HR department or payroll administrator at your Lowes store or location.

How often are Lowes paystubs available for viewing?


Paystubs are typically available on the Employee Portal a few days before payday. Check the portal regularly for updates.

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