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Every business has suffered minor to major losses during the economic downturn caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Though it is challenging to cope, we don’t have a Guardian Angel to let us out safely. 

Small businesses that may have suffered great losses might still be gathering the courage to survive. However, things can only get worse when we start comparing our business’s turnaround with someone else’s. We all have to make our way out of this safely.

In addition, we have some guidelines and strategies from business owners that’ll keep small businesses afloat. Let’s check them out.

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5 Proven Strategies for Business Survival during Economic Downtimes

1. Pay attention to the details

To survive tough times, you must look at every aspect of the business. No wonder it is important to look at immediate problems and figure out what makes sense for the bright side of the company. But you should step back for a moment and see if you are shaping the business model just as it should be.

Understand the details that help you fix the current environment. You can easily forecast future possibilities based on them.

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2. Retain your Staff

It may seem like an easy option to fire your non-productive staff during a crisis. However, this will only increase the workload of other employees and affect their productivity compared to cost reduction or termination.

Retain employees during such situations. Use a free paystub maker and deliver timely paychecks so they always feel motivated to work. Also, send them small reward amounts that make them feel valued. Trust me; this strategy is better than hiring expensive employees.

3. Ensure ample cash access

Don’t run your business solely on the thirst for profits. Keep your emergency funds ready; you may need them anytime. Know the lines of credit that are open for you. Plan your short-term cash funds in advance.

You can thus tap into savings, liquidated stock holdings, or borrow money from close people to maintain adequate cash flow in the business.

4. Identify the problematic areas

Overlooking small things will only negatively impact your business. If you can’t manage to supply orders as expected, look for the problematic areas. There may be several responsible reasons for draining your accounts. Find out and solve them so you can get your business on track as soon as possible.

5. Stick to Quality Services
Keeping an eye on production costs during such difficult times is extremely important. You should take your staff in confidence and discuss that the economic conditions should have no impact on the quality of services they deliver. For instance, if you are getting fewer walk-ins compared to pre-COVID time, you should work on advertising strategies. Find innovative ways to improve profit margins, but never compromise on the quality of the products you sell just because you can’t cope with costly inventories.

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