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Check stubs are something quintessential for SMBs as well as giants.

You may wonder why we’re talking about hiring processes during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that most of the small and medium-sized businesses are hiring fewer employees than in mid-April. But, around 20% of SMBs are willing to announce vacancies as they plan to reopen businesses.

This economic crisis made us witness unbelievable scenarios. Making staffing changes might never be your plan for 2020. However, let’s go with the flow.

We are here to help you with some tips to consider before hiring new employees. Also, we will have a glance at the important role of the check stub maker.

Note for Employees: Choose People over Salary

Make meaningful job descriptions

Qualified candidates are likely to get attracted by carefully crafted job descriptions. Spend time making a fine job description for the desired positions. Consider the flexible working too.

Answer the following questions for this:

  • What will be their duties?
  • What are your expected skillset, education, and experience?
  • Will you facilitate remote working?
  • Is travel required?

This will help you to create a job title, responsibilities, salary, and benefits for upcoming employees.

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Go for inbound recruiting

Inbound recruiting has benefitted businesses beyond imagination. All you can do is enhance your social media presence, optimize your website (candidates will check out your site before arriving for an interview), and make your ‘Careers’ page exciting to view.

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The goal is to make a positive impression on the candidate’s mind before you see them. The firm that they are going to work with must appear genuine & a great place to be. The salary can be negotiated later.

Create your Interview Strategy

It’s important to have a well-planned interview process to reveal a great deal about them. Some small businesses initiate hiring after the first interview only. Others might have two to three interview levels to filter the best candidates.

You are free to create your own interview strategy based on hiring priority, types of candidates arriving for the interview, and more such factors.

Lure Candidates with Check Stubs

Show the strong points of your company. Assure the right candidate that they will receive a professional pay stub template timely. You can also discuss the benefits & deductions that will be made from their paychecks every month. This will help them make better joining decisions.

Conduct Background Checks

You may get your employees to fill out a job application form. It will have references & background details relating to personal & professional life. If you finalize a particular employee, conduct a background check before making them an offer.

The Takeaway

It’s always a good idea to use a check stub maker. So, if you’re not using it currently, you must have got an idea about its usefulness, right?

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What is the hiring process?


The hiring process is the series of steps an employer takes to identify, evaluate, and select the most qualified candidate for a job opening.

What are the steps involved in the hiring process?


The steps in the hiring process may vary depending on the organization but typically include identifying the need for a new employee, creating a job description and posting the job, reviewing resumes and applications, conducting interviews, checking references and conducting background checks, and extending a job offer.

How can employers ensure they are making the right hiring decisions?


Employers can ensure they make the right hiring decisions by conducting a thorough hiring process, including a detailed job analysis, a well-written job description, a rigorous candidate evaluation process, and comprehensive reference and background checks. It is also essential to ensure that the candidate's qualifications and experience match the job requirements and to evaluate their fit with the company culture and values.

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