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UPS Pay Stubs

If you’re an employee at UPS (United Parcel Service), you may find yourself in need of your paycheck stubs for various reasons. Pay stubs are essential documents for verifying your income, managing your finances, and fulfilling certain legal and financial requirements.


In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of obtaining your UPS pay stubs, ensuring you have easy access to this crucial information.


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Understanding the Importance of Pay Stubs


Before we delve into the process of obtaining your UPS pay stubs, it’s essential to understand why these documents are so vital:


  • Verification of Income: Pay stubs serve as official proof of your income. They are often required when applying for loans, renting an apartment, or applying for government benefits. Having access to your pay stubs ensures you can meet these requirements efficiently.
  • Tax Purposes: When tax season rolls around, you’ll need your pay stubs to accurately report your earnings and deductions. This is essential for ensuring you pay the correct amount of taxes and maximizing your potential tax refunds.
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning: Pay stubs provide detailed information about your earnings and deductions, helping you create a budget and plan your finances effectively. They allow you to track your income and expenses accurately.


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To obtain your UPS pay stubs, you’ll need to visit the website, which is the dedicated portal for UPS employees.


Here’s how to access the website:


  • Internet Connection: Ensure you have a stable internet connection to access the portal.
  • Browser: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the UPSers website by typing “” into the address bar.
  • Logging In: On the homepage, locate the “Login” section. Enter your User ID and Password. If you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to register for an account.


ups pay stubs


Registering for a UPSers Account


If you’re a new employee or haven’t registered on the portal yet, you’ll need to create an account to access your pay stubs:


  • Click on the “New User” option.
  • Enter your Employee ID, which you can find on your UPS ID card.
  • Provide your personal information, including your name, contact information, and email address.
  • Set up a User ID and Password for your account.
  • Complete the registration process by following the on-screen instructions.


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Accessing Your Pay Stubs


Once you’ve successfully logged in to your UPSers account, you can access your pay stubs:


  • On the homepage, find the “Pay” tab or a similar option related to your pay and compensation.
  • Select “View Paycheck” or a similar option.
  • Choose the pay period for which you want to view your pay stub.
  • Click on the pay stub for the selected period to view or download it as a PDF.


Troubleshooting and Common Issues


Sometimes, you may encounter issues when trying to access your pay stubs on


Here are some common problems and their solutions:


Forgot Password: If you forget your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Follow the instructions to reset your password.


Locked Account: If your account is locked due to multiple failed login attempts, contact the UPS HR department for assistance.


Inactive Account: If your account becomes inactive due to extended periods of inactivity, contact UPS HR to reactivate it.


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Other Methods of Obtaining Pay Stubs


If you encounter difficulties accessing your pay stubs online or prefer alternative methods, UPS offers other options:


Contact UPS HR: You can contact the UPS Human Resources department to request physical copies of your pay stubs.


Payroll Services: If your UPS location has a payroll services office, you may be able to visit in person to request your pay stubs.




Get pay stubs from UPS is a straightforward process when you have the necessary information and access to the portal. These pay stubs are crucial for various financial and administrative purposes, so it’s essential to ensure you can access them when needed.


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Disclaimer: Stubcreator is not affiliated with UPS or its Associates. UPS brands or logos are trademarked or registered trademarks. The article general guidance for UPS paystub access. Refer to UPS’s official resources and consult HR for specific details.



How do I access my UPS pay stubs online?


Log in to the UPS employee portal using your credentials, and you can download your pay stubs.

What if I forgot my UPS employee portal login information?


Contact your HR department to reset your login details and access your pay stubs.

Can I receive printed pay stubs from UPS?


UPS typically provides electronic pay stubs, but you can ask HR about alternatives or hard copies.

How often are UPS pay stubs available?


UPS pay stubs are usually available bi-weekly, coinciding with your pay schedule.

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