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Online Paycheck Stubs Maker has made it a smooth sea to sail when it comes to keeping your accounts department organized.

Keeping track of expenses is very necessary. For financial records, you need to keep the habit of writing down the expenses before you forget it. Remember to note down even the smallest of the expenses as, over the period of time, this number of small expenses merge up to make a big amount which can save a big amount of tax during taxation time.

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When you create pay stubs online, a lot of your accounting headache is unburdened. Keeping track is necessary as and when we move nearer to the taxation period. While filing Income tax returns too, you need to provide this report to the government and you surely rely on this data. It also gives you a sneak peek into the earnings made by your assets.

To know about your financial condition currently, you need to have a look at a series of pay stubs that gives you the information. But, there is something tricky here. You need to be choosy about selecting the pay stubs that will decide your current situation because every damn paystub won’t give you the idea about the same o that you can get the correct guideline that shows where you are headed.

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Classifying Pay Stubs

As per a general rule, all pay stubs and bills made using check stub maker can be categorized into four below-mentioned categories.

  1. Tax Records
  2. Income
  3. Expenses
  4. Miscellaneous

You might usually be saving all of them in a single place but you might need the effort to sort them out properly so that it can get well organized.

Tax Records

You need to save all your income tax returns and related paperwork for at least 2 years after income tax return is filed. If you make major purchases like a home or anything, you especially need to keep track of the income tax returns and gains for that year because the capital you are using currently has some roots joined with that major transaction.   When you sell a home, then also it helps you in gaining more.

You can also keep all the paystubs related to home improvements which can also help you in gaining more sale prices and also with tax deductions. You can also save all canceled checks for state and properties, you pay taxes on. You get this amount deducted from your income tax return. You should also save the records of all the charity work done as it gives deductions in income tax returns.


Business owners save all the documents related to the paystubs as proof for five years along with soft copies of their monthly bank statements so that it gives you an idea of the amount of interest they earn. All documents related to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investments should also be saved.

They should not be disposed of until 4-5 years after you dispose of your owned asset. This includes statements, slips, and other needful documents which verify your order. You can also record the name of each and every stock and mutual fund that you purchase, along with the purchase price and date, sale price, and date, and the number of shares.


Keeping track of expenses is more important than keeping track of income because expenses should not exceed income. Keeping a paystub for major expenses surely helps you with some tax reduction based on the expense. One should have a close eye on the outflow of money which can be done by noting down the expenses.

Miscellaneous Documents

Personal verification documents and other major documents that need to be saved for a lifetime like birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, and policies, will comprise a few.

All set to use Online Pay Stub now! What are you waiting for? get started.

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