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Taxability of employee gift cards

Regardless of whether it’s for an occasion, birthday, or reward, you may choose to disperse gift cards to your employees. Giving gift vouchers to employees is an awesome method to demonstrate your appreciation. Yet, before you begin passing them out, catch up on your managerial responsibilities. Is gift vouchers a taxable form of income?

Employee’s gifts and advantages

There are IRS regulations on gift vouchers to employees. The IRS arranges a gift voucher as a kind of fringe benefits. Fringe advantages are benefits you provide for employees notwithstanding their consistent wages.

A fringe advantage can be taxable or nontaxable, contingent upon what it is. Taxable fringe advantages are liable to federal pay, Social Security, Medicare, and FUTA taxes. Non taxable fringe advantages might be barred from one, a few, or a wide range of taxes.

Many occasions or other rare blessings to employees are considered fringe advantages. Fringe benefits are things with low esteems that you provide for your employees. Since they are occasional and low-esteemed offerings, you don’t have to incorporate them into your workers’ wages or withhold taxes from them. Cases of non-taxable blessings to workers incorporate fruit containers, holiday hams, or organization parties.

In any case, money isn’t viewed as a fringe advantage. Money, similar to a holiday pay reward, is a taxable fringe advantage. Money is a supplemental wage (e.g., reward or commission pay). Supplemental wages will be compensation paid notwithstanding an employee’s standard wages. That implies you have to incorporate the measure of the trade blessings out of every worker’s taxable salary.

Anyway, is a gift voucher a taxable salary, or is it a fringe advantage?

Are gift vouchers taxable for salary?

As indicated by the IRS, gift vouchers for workers are considered money-equal things. Like money, gift vouchers are constantly incorporated into a worker’s pay.

Things being what they are, are gift vouchers taxable? Yes—you should record the value and pay the fitting measure of taxes. The taxation of gift vouchers to employees works an indistinguishable route from some other supplemental wages.

Supplemental wages are liable to federal tax, Social Security tax, and Medicare taxes. In the event that appropriate, they are additionally subject to the state’s supplemental wages tax rate.

You can withhold federal income taxes on gift vouchers in one of two ways:

  • Percentage technique: Withhold a flat rate of 25% for taxes
  • Aggregate technique: Add an incentive to normal wages and withhold taxes on the consolidated sum

To rearrange the process toward withholding taxes on gift vouchers, numerous entrepreneurs utilize the percentage strategy.

Representing gift vouchers given to employees

When you give gift vouchers to workers, you should incorporate the value in the employee’s wages on Form W-2. Incorporate the sum in box 1 (Wages, tips, other pay), box 3 (Social Security wages), and box 5 (Medicare wages and tips).

You can likewise report the aggregate sum of fringe advantages you give employees in box 14 (Other) on Form W-2.

IRS rules on gift vouchers to workers exemption

Gift vouchers can be avoided from taxes in particular circumstances. Gift certificates you give employees for a particular thing that is insignificant in value, similar to a gift voucher that must be recovered for a ham, may qualify as a fringe advantage. However, if your gift voucher is useful for general stock, similar to a gift voucher to a noteworthy retailer, you should withhold taxes on it.

Make a point to check with a tax proficient if you have inquiries concerning whether you have to withhold taxes on gift vouchers.

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Are employee gift cards taxable income?


Employee gift cards are generally considered taxable income and should be reported on the employee's W-2 form. The value of the gift card should be included in the employee's gross income and is subject to federal and state income taxes and Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Are there any exceptions to the taxability of employee gift cards?


There are some exceptions to the taxability of employee gift cards. For example, gift cards of nominal value, such as those given out for employee recognition or safety awards, may not be subject to taxation.

Can employers deduct the cost of employee gift cards as a business expense?


Yes, employers can generally deduct the cost of employee gift cards as a business expense, subject to certain limitations. However, the deduction may be limited or disallowed if the gift card is considered taxable income to the employee.

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