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Paystub maker is an all-in-one stub making facility. As you already know, you can create pay stubs for employees as well as contractors using our free paycheck stub generator tool online. It’s time to know the basic difference between the two types of paycheck stubs and how you can manage to create both.

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Using Paystub Maker

Paystub Maker is used by small and large firms but you should know how to utilize it well.

For self-employed persons and for those who work independently, it is required to know how to make the most of the pay stub maker. There is a fine line of difference between paying an employee/worker and a contractor. No doubt you have to make paystubs for both; you are maintaining financial records easily. But, paying an employee and contractor is not the same. Though the tool is one and the same and the stub creation process is simple too, you can create a difference in minutes.

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Classifying the Workers

Having a properly classified workforce eases your job of making paystubs online. You should classify your workforce for the purposes of state labor law and federal labor law.

As noted by the UN Department of Labor, those firms that do not classify their employees as independent contractors may face enforcement action. In order to save yourself from the cracking down of DOL and other authorities, just make sure that before you have a seat to use check stub maker, you are clear in your mind about the category that particular person falls into. The main aim is to channel pay stubs and make it crystal clear that employees and independent contractors should be paid as deserved.

At times, the situation may get complex and it becomes difficult to identify whether the worker should be referred to as an employee or a contractor. To your surprise, IRS uses a 20-factor test in assessing work classification cases. These factors are centered on time, work, and ways of production. An employee gets independence to complete a job while an independent contractor is in the eyes of the law. In short, you should select a proper legal classification for your workforce.

Paystubs for Independent Contractors

The main difference between the paystubs of the two is the deductions and taxes which are subtracted from employees but not from contractors. This is because contractors have the following responsibilities:

  • Setting Self-work Schedules
  • Paying Self-employment taxes
  • Supplying own equipment
  • Handling Self-retirement and health benefits.

These are the major responsibilities they are liable for. However, your responsibility is to provide them with paycheck stubs and then they can do whatever further procedure they want to use it for.

If you have not created paystubs yet with our paystub maker, do it now!

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How do I use a paystub maker for employees and contractors?


To use a paystub maker for employees and contractors, you must input the necessary information for each pay period, such as employee details, pay rate, hours worked, tax deductions, and any additional benefits or deductions.

How do I use a paystub maker to manage pay stubs for employees and contractors?


To manage pay stubs for employees and contractors using a paystub maker, you will need to keep track of each pay period's information and ensure that the pay stubs generated by the tool are accurate and up to date.

Is using a paystub maker for employees and contractors legal, and what are the benefits?


Yes, using a paystub maker for employees and contractors is legal as long as the information input is accurate and truthful. The benefits of using a paystub maker for employees and contractors include demonstrating income and deductions, keeping track of finances and budget, and complying with legal and financial regulations regarding tax filing and record-keeping.

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