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How to identify fake paystub

Being cheated by someone acts as one of the worst feelings ever. You feel angry, you choke and you can feel something burn inside you. Technology has undoubtedly made our life easier but still, it has some negative effects too as it increases the chances of online fraud which are very easy to do.

The purpose of this article is to help you in finding fraudulent paystubs. At StubCreator we create genuine paystubs so we have an idea about the means to identify the fake pay stub. By looking at the following points you will have a better gut feeling while guessing the fraudulent paystub.

Signs of fraud paystub:

  • Incorrect Mathematics: Many fake paystubs lack basic mathematics. You can cross-check it using a simple calculator. A simple calculator can be a calculator used on a day-to-day basis or even a simple calculator available on your smartphone can do the task for you. You need to add all the earnings and you will find that amount as a total. Add all deductions and you will find it as its total. Now deduct the deductions from your total income and you are left with net pay. If any of these amounts are incorrect, you will come to know it’s a fake stub. Usually, fraudsters are haters of mathematics.
  • Give importance to details: Many varieties of paystub makers are available in the market. Fake pay stubs are bound to have something wrong with them. Sometimes the decimal points are misaligned. This acts as a big danger. Real accounting software needs data to be aligned properly which helps in the quick calculation of data. If there is some kind of misalignment in this type of data then it is better to be alert, there are chances you are dealing with fraud.
  • Decimal test: All accounting software does the calculation on a penny-to-penny basis. So have a close look at the number format of dollars. If the dollar doesn’t include decimals, be aware you are dealing with danger because decimals are compulsory irrespective of the presence of the dollar sign or not. Each and every penny is accounted for in real paycheck stubs. With check stub creator, you don’t need to worry about all this.
  • Fonts: If your generate paystub has some sort of fancy fonts, it should ring the danger alarm in your head. Real paystubs have robotic-type professional fonts so that computers can read and calculate it easily. While checking a paystub always have a look at the fonts because it reveals much about the individual’s identity.
  • Final Confirmation: Paycheck stubs are not the only means to determine the income of a potential renter or borrower. You can also fill out the legal form and ask for IRS developers. This form gets directly delivered to IRS and finds the data of last year. It shows the actual income claimed by an individual that year and hence will clear all your doubts regarding the paystub.

Why use Free Online Pay Stub Generator instead?

Free Online Pay Stub Generator is a service you will like to utilize time and again. Besides making paychecks for employees or freelancers, one can also avail of the benefits of getting a check stub absolutely free. So when you can make free check stubs without any cost, why would you even want to create a fake one? Food for thought?!

StubCreator comes with your help and then you can create completely real paycheck stubs.

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What are some common signs of a fake paystub?


Some common signs of a fake paystub include missing or inaccurate information, inconsistent formatting or font styles, unrealistic income or deduction amounts, and unverifiable employer or employee details. If you notice any of these signs, verifying the paystub with the employer or financial institution is best.

What steps can I take to verify the authenticity of a paystub?


To verify the authenticity of a paystub, you can contact the employer or financial institution listed on the paystub and request to confirm the information. To ensure consistency and accuracy, you can also compare the paystub to the employee's W-2 form, bank statements, or other financial records.

What are the consequences of using a fake paystub?


Using a fake paystub can lead to severe consequences, such as legal penalties, fines, and even imprisonment. It can also damage your reputation and credibility with financial institutions and potential employers. Always providing truthful and accurate financial information is important to avoid negative repercussions.

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