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How to Get Old Pay Stubs

Did you ever find yourself in situations where you lost or misplaced paycheck stubs? It happens that even your mailbox or trash doesn’t have it anymore. What would you do now?

We have the solution!

You only have to remember that our free paystub maker with acalculator is by your side. We have a distinctive feature Your Ordersthat will help you access any of the check stubs created with our tool.

By entering the Email ID you’ve been using while creating pay stubs, you’ll get all the past paychecks from which you may select & download respective paystubs. That’s it!

Resend Check Stubs in 3 Easy Steps

Resending check stubs is easier than creating pay stubs. As seen above, it’s a three-step process.

1. Enter your Email

2. Check your Email to get OTP

3. Enter OTP & View your Stub

As you enter the OTP, you can view your paycheck history. You may then select the paycheck & get a copy instantly. Furthermore, you will see two options against each paystub:

  1. Send

By selecting this option, the desired paycheck will be delivered to your mailbox. Also, this feature is free of cost. You don’t pay twice to access the paycheck you’ve created in the past.

  1. Reuse Stub info

Like we always say, stub making is a hassle-free process. While using our free pay stub templates, you know the details you’ll have to enter. By becoming a regular visitor of our site, you’ll savor the perk of this feature.

If the paystub details are the same & repeat every time you’re here then click on this option. The respective paystub details will be used for your current pay stub. So, you’ll only have to preview & pay for the same.

It feels great when your efforts are saved as all the basic details get auto-filled.

Create a pay stub or resend yours!

Now you know how clutter-free your life gets with us. So, what would you like to do today? Will you create a pay stub or resend one?

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What is a paycheck stub?


A paycheck stub is a document that lists an employee's earnings, deductions, and net pay for a specific pay period. It is typically attached to the employee's paycheck as a record of their pay and deductions.

What information is included on a paycheck stub?


A paycheck stub typically includes the employee's gross pay, any pre-tax deductions such as retirement contributions or health insurance premiums, taxes withheld, post-tax deductions such as wage garnishments or child support, and the employee's net pay.

How can I get a copy of my paycheck stub?


If your employer provides paper paychecks, your paycheck stub will typically be attached to the check. If you receive electronic paychecks, you can usually access your paycheck stub through your employer's online payroll system. If you are no longer employed with the company, you can request a copy of your paycheck stub from your former employer or their payroll service provider.

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