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Gross Pay VS Net Pay

Gross Pay VS Net Pay

Receiving your pay after tirelessly working is the most rewarding feeling. However, one needs to check the pay stub very thoroughly to ensure that the amount paid is correct and the pay stub is generated flawlessly. This is where the free pay stub generator comes into play.

Paystub consists of multiple items and taxes instead of only a casual pay amount. Gross pay and net pay are basic terms you might want to get acquainted with to check whether you have received professional and accurate pay or not.


Gross Pay

Gross pay refers to the amount of money you earned from a particular job before any deductions. The deductions include taxes that are taken out of the paycheck. There are multiple taxes deducted from your paycheck depending upon various factors.

The deduction factors might fluctuate upon the income and the tax bracket you fall into, while some may simply depend upon the place you live.

For instance, Federal tax depends upon the tax bracket of the individual. The tax brackets are categorized into various percentages that are deducted from the final paycheck. Whereas state taxes apply only to 41 states.

These are the taxes that change as per the amount an individual earns and their respective geographical location in the United States.

While these are the fluctuating taxes, some taxes are allocated fixed percentages. In simple words, a fixed percentage is deducted from every pay check that is issued to any working individual of the United States.

Medicare is a prime example of this kind of deduction. The Medicare percentage deducted is independent of the paycheck received.

Gross pay is itemized on a pay stub which reflects the amount of money made before any deductions. You can use check stub maker free to create accurate stubs quickly and accurately.


Net pay

Net pay is the amount of money an individual makes after making the necessary voluntary and mandatory deductions in Gross pay. Voluntary deductions include retirement and health care benefits, and mandatory deductions include the above-mentioned taxes.

Gross pay and Net pay displayed on a pay stub help in ensuring that the paycheck is correct. Any discrepancies in a pay stub will lead to many disputes. Hence, it is very crucial to generate a reliable pay stub.

Free stub generator lets you create an accurate pay stub for employees effortlessly. The pay stub creator requires relevant information from an employer’s end, which will create a pay stub in no time.

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