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With the advent of a most convenient way of creating stubs using Pay Stub Calculator, not only is the payroll-making task easier, but an economical manner of check stub generation has also come into existence. These electronic paychecks make the procedure of payroll management simpler and more manageable as there is no need to pile them up or keep utmost care so that they don’t get misplaced by you, and there is no fixed way you have to maintain them mandatorily.

Use Online Pay Stub with 5 Perks

Quick Access

Online Pay Stub is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and hence, there is no issue with time-bounding. Also, the login and registration steps are waved off, which provides even quicker access to instant stubs anytime and anywhere with a minimum requirement of basic information and an internet connection, and that’s all.

The efficient Paycheck Calculator makes the fastest computations, which is the main attraction of using this on-net service for check stub generation. No manual calculations are required, and hence, within a few clicks, the stub is ready to use.


It is a paperless method for generating on-the-spot stubs. In the case of small or large businesses, the paychecks can be directly forwarded to the employee’s mailbox.

The number of stubs that can be created online is unlimited. They can be downloaded and saved to the desktop and retrieved whenever the need arises. Hence, there is no need to stack them up, as easy printouts can be taken out when they are to be utilized for filing tax returns or availing credit facilities from a bank or other finance companies.

Infinite Storage

Paychecks made using Pay Stub Generator have no expiry date of the downloaded stubs until and unless they are forwarded to the mailbox; there is a possibility that if the by-default validity of emptying inbox is set, then there are chances of losing previous stubs else, there is no way difficulty can be faced while seeking early created payroll.

Offering wider storage options is very beneficial for small and large business owners as well as freelancers, as they not only reduce their burden but can remain carefree from worries about maintaining each physical stub.

Business owners are required to keep records of payments made to employees. The IRS is authorized to check the past seven years’ data of the organization or company, so it is mandatory to maintain them. Using an online method eliminates heaps of paper, leading to flexible storage options.

An Eye Closer to Deductions

Easy to track the amounts deducted from the gross salary, Paycheck Calculator makes it feasible for employers and employees to look up the amounts even closer. Every deduction made from individual employees’ check stubs is very crisp, thus stating pinpoint subtractions that help in determining where the pay goes and what the taxes reduced, as well as if there is any bonus or PF included.

Statements all at Once

With Free Paystub Maker online, the user decides whether to compute the paychecks of all the employees at once and store them for later use or make them at the end of each month or any other specified time period as per the routine. The very first stub is obtained without any cost, which gives a clear idea about the relevance of the paystub generator. Further paid stubs can be made.

Hence, with this electronic payroll, there is no wastage of paper physically delivered to employees at the end of the month or year as they are readily available from their mailbox. So there is no need to maintain them or keep any worries in mind regarding their accuracy.

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What is a pay stub calculator?


A pay stub calculator is an online tool that helps individuals calculate their net pay after taxes and deductions based on their gross income.

How does using a pay stub calculator help go green?


A pay stub calculator can reduce paper waste by eliminating the need for paper pay stubs. Instead, employees can access their pay stubs online or through email.

Are there any other benefits of using a pay stub calculator for the environment?


Yes, reducing paper waste helps conserve natural resources and reduces the carbon footprint of paper production and transportation.

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