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If you have been using a pay stub maker, you must keep a record of all your expenses. Sometimes, you may be left wondering where all your money goes. Well, in many cases, it is referred to as deductions.

According to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, there are two types of taxes: Medicare and Social Security. You need to maintain these details when you use a check stub maker. These taxes often lead to deductions. While these may not be effective during retirement, they do help the community.

Calculate the deductions

Whenever you are recording the details on any free stub template, you must calculate all the deductions appropriately. It may be a problem for you when you don’t record them properly, especially during retirement. The right pay stub maker can eventually be of great help in recording taxes. It will also help to calculate the details lawfully.

Medicare Deductions

When you use a free pay stub template, you will come across the section FICA- Medicare. This is the deduction that will be contributed to your Medicare program. The current deduction tax for the Medicare program stands at around 1.45%. If you are a self-employed individual, the Medicare deduction will be 2.9%.

It will take up your employee and employer element. Whenever you are using the stub maker, it is advisable to mention these details. If you are employed under someone, the details about these deductions will be noted in the pay stub itself. But, if you create one for yourself, you will need to mention the information clearly.

Social Security Deductions

The Medicare tax and Social Security Tax Deductions will be the same. The end goal of the same is after the age of retirement, which is 65 years. It will provide information about federal disability and help you with retirement.

Social Security requires employers and employees to pay for it. Currently, the tax deduction percentage of the same is around 6.2%. When you have a free check stub maker, you can include these details. It will help you make the right details and calculate the taxes accordingly if the earnings of an employee are less than $132,900.

While the tax deduction percentage is lower, for self-employed people, the amount is different. For self-employed individuals, the employee and employer will need to determine approximately 12.4% of the total gross earnings. Since you are employed on your own, you will need to cover the charges paid by the employer and the employee.


You must follow all the FICA regulations and maintain them while using the Stub Creator. It is a free paystub generator that will help you record all your expenses. You need to simplify it as much as possible and calculate the costs and deductions accurately.

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What are payroll deductions?


Payroll deductions are withheld from an employee's paycheck to cover various expenses, such as taxes, insurance premiums, retirement contributions, and other benefits.

What types of payroll deductions are common?


Common payroll deductions include federal and state income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, health insurance premiums, retirement plan contributions, and wage garnishments such as child support or court-ordered deductions.

How are payroll deductions calculated?


Payroll deductions are generally calculated as a percentage of the employee's gross pay or a flat dollar amount per pay period. The amount of each deduction is based on various factors, such as the employee's tax filing status, salary or wage rate, the type of insurance coverage, and the contribution rate for retirement plans. The employer is responsible for calculating and deducting the correct amount for each deduction from each employee's paycheck.

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