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Paycheck stub maker allows creating paystubs in minutes. Despite payroll making being this handy, some employers might not utilize this tool.

Though some states do not require employers to provide paychecks, giving them to employees makes a positive impression. This might not be a concern for every employer.

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Firms that take recordkeeping as a hassle

Employers are required to keep records of their employees – the hours they work & the wages paid. This is considered a hectic job & thus they pay amounts to the employees without giving paychecks.

As the employees receive pay regularly, they may not raise their voices or ask for a paycheck on demand. This should not be a trend. It should be included as a basic business ethic to provide paychecks regularly to the employees using a check stub maker.

It may take a few minutes to create pay stubs but the unpleasant consequences will never be faced.

What should you do if your employer does not give you a paycheck stub?

  • The simple process is to request your employer to issue a copy of the respective paystub
  • Provide a genuine reason for why you seek a copy of the earnings statement
  • Drop a suggestion to your management to use a free paystub generator

What if you’ve been provided a paycheck but lost it?

  • It is not to be mentioned that it’s our responsibility to handle important documents like proof of income tactfully.
  • When your employer provides the check stub but you mishandled it & thus lost it, it’s your mistake. You may request a copy from your employer and make sure that this does not happen again.

Free pay stub templates are available here

Create Pay Stubs or bear penalties – your choice, employers!

It’s very simple to create pay stubs online. However, some employers consider this as an additional cost/task. You might be surprised but some states don’t want employers to provide paychecks while some consider them as mandatory income evidence to be provided.

Do you know? Californian employers must provide employees with an itemized pay stub. If an employer fails to provide an accurate paycheck stubs wilfully or the paystub is not provided then he may be violating California’s, Labour Laws.

You might be wondering if your state falls into the paycheck provider category or not. Before you arrive at a decision, you should discover 4 valid reasons to use Pay Stub Generator & create pay stubs.

Keep your employees happy, use Paystub Generator

Whatever the reason is, the paystub generator always allows you to keep employees happy. If you aren’t making paystubs yet, it’s a good day to start today! Go for it with our instant paystub calculator tool.

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What can I do if my employer refuses to give me a paycheck stub?


You can ask your employer or HR representative to request a pay stub. If they refuse or are unresponsive, you may want to consider filing a complaint with your state labor agency or seeking legal advice.

Is it legal for employers to refuse to provide paycheck stubs?


In most countries, employers are legally required to provide employees with a pay stub that outlines their earnings and deductions. Failure to do so may result in legal penalties and fines. It is important to check your country or state's labor laws and regulations to understand your rights and options.

What information should be included in a paycheck stub?


A paycheck stub should include information such as the employee's name and address, the pay period and pay date, gross earnings, net pay, and any deductions or withholdings for taxes, benefits, or other items. It may also include other information, such as accrued overtime hours or vacation time.

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