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W-2 Statement

Have you wondered what happens if you fail to file a W-2 statement? Don’t panic. Let us move in a step-by-step process in order to understand better as to what happens if you fail to file a W-2 statement?


This article will explore the implications of not filing a W-2 form, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules concerning late filings, and the necessary steps to complete the form accurately.


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What is a W-2 Statement?


A W-2 statement is a tax document that is finished by an employer and contains information that you will be required to complete your tax return. It showcases the sum of your total wages for the particular year and the sum of amount of state, federal and the other taxes that are restrained from your paycheck stubs.


A W-2 statement contains the following information:

  • Tips are included
  • Contribution towards 401(k)
  • Contribution towards health savings account
  • Premium that your employer pay towards health coverage insurance
  • Several other numbers


Why is a W-2 Statement Important?


A W-2 statment is important because it has all the details of an employee’s salary information. A W-2 is a record holder of who has paid additional taxes or received a tax refund. Generally, a W-2 form shows an employee’s total earnings throughout the earlier year.


The employer then uses that sum of amount to pay it to the federal government. The rest of the amount is being used by the employer for filing the tax returns. If the employer has restrained a large amount of tax then IRS issues a tax refund, but if they didn’t then the employee pays the difference amount.


A W-2 statement is very important for you as it gives you a window of opportunity to cross-check errors in your reported salary slip. Once a copy of W-2 statement is your hands, go through it to check that all the information mentioned is correct.


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The Curse of Multiple W-2 Forms


Managing multiple sources of income is common for individuals, especially for those who work multiple jobs or are working freelance or are into self-employment income. Each employer must provide a W-2 form to their employees describing their earnings and the amount of taxes withheld from their paycheck stubs throughout the year.


Each W-2 form contains important information that contributes to an accurate assessment of your tax liability. It includes details such as your total wages, salary, tips, and other compensation from that particular employer. The form also indicates the amount of federal tax, social security tax, and medicare tax hidden from your earnings.


Omitting these W-2 forms while filing your tax return can result in difference in your reported income. If you fail to include a W-2 form, the IRS may question the inconsistency between the reported income on your tax return and the information they have on record. They receive copies of W-2 forms from employers, and they use this information to verify the accuracy of your tax return. Failing to report all your income can raise questions and may lead to further scrutiny by the IRS.


IRS Rules On Filing A Last-Minute W-2 Statement 


The IRS imposes strict penaliy on late filing of your W-2 Statement. When it comes to W-2 forms, employers must provide them to their employees by January 31st of the following year. If you have forgot to file your W-2 statement you still will be receiving a return.


If you fail to file your tax return on time or forgot to include your W-2 forms, you may be subject to penalties and interest charges. If your tax filing causes you to pay additional charges, you should file an amendment and clear the taxes latest by April 15th. 


As far as the penalties are concerned they vary depending on the circumstances and the amount of tax owed. It is essential to rectify the situation promptly by filing your tax return as soon as possible to minimize potential penalties or interest charges.


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Submitting Your Form


Wheile submitting your W-2 form, attention to detail is a must. Start by verifying that your personal information, such as your name and social security number, is correct. Any errors or inaccuracies in these details can cause processing delays or even lead to penalties.


Next, ensure that the employer information on the form is accurate. It includes the employer’s name, address, and Employer Identification Number (EIN). Providing inappropriate employer information can also lead to complications and may trigger further inquiries from the IRS.


Pay careful attention to the income details of the W-2 statement. Ensure that the reported income, including wages, salary, tips, and other compensation, accurately reflects your earnings from the particular employer during the current tax year. Additionally, confirm the sum of amount that is withheld for federal income tax, social security tax, and medicare tax match the information provided by your employer.


It is crucial to cross-check the information accurately if you have multiple W-2 forms from different employers. Next calculate the total income and withholding amounts from all the W-2 forms and enter the combined figures on your tax return.


Be sure to include any additional income you may have earned, such as tips or self-employment earnings. Reporting all your income correctly ensures that your tax liability is calculated accurately.


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Filing Return


Attaching copies of all your W-2 forms is vital while filing your tax return. The IRS compares the information on your tax return with the copies they receive from employers. This process helps them verify the accuracy of your reported income and ensures compliance with tax laws. If there are missing forms then the IRS may contact you for further clarification or request additional documentation.


Processing time usually takes upto 10-12 weeks so plan on filing of your return accordingly. Filing your tax return with all the necessary W-2 forms by the designated deadline is crucial to avoid potential penalties, fines.


Keeping copies of all tax-related documents, including W-2 forms, for at least three years is recommended. This practice allows you to address any potential inquiries or discrepancies from the IRS and provide supporting documentation when required.




Filing your taxes accurately and on time is advisable to avoid complications with the IRS. Neglecting to file a W-2 statement can result in penalties, interest charges, and increased scrutiny from the IRS. 


In case you realize that you have forgotten to include a W-2 form, taking immediate action by filing an amended return.


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What is a W-2 statement?


A W-2 statement is a form that employers provide to their employees, summarizing their annual wages and taxes withheld.

What happens if I don't file a W-2 statement?


Failing to file a W-2 statement can result in penalties from the IRS. It is important to report your income accurately.

Can I still file a W-2 statement if I missed the deadline?


Yes, you can still file a W-2 statement even if you missed the deadline. However, you may face late filing penalties.

How can I obtain a copy of my W-2 statement if I lost it?


If you misplaced your W-2 statement, you can request a copy from your employer. Alternatively, you can contact the IRS for assistance.

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