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2016 W2 Form is available with StubCreator at the lowest rates. As IRS allows taxpayers who fail to file their income taxes – three-year duration to submit a return or claim a refund, you can utilize this easily accessible Blank W2 2016 at just $6.99. The form is required to be submitted along with Form W3 to the Social Security Administration. Please note that photocopies will not be accepted.

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How To Read the Wage and Tax Statement PDF Document or w2 form 2016 pdf

Each year, most employees get a new form from their employer. This form reports income earned during the year and taxes withheld for that year, and it’s called a Wage and Tax Statement or printable w2 form 2016 pdf.

But when you open your new printable w2 form 2016 pdf document after tax season, how do you know what’s what? The purpose of every line on a printable w2 form 2016 pdf is to tell you something about your total income earned during the year, as well as how much was withheld by way of taxes.


Here are some basic guidelines to help you read your IRS Form printable w2 form 2016 pdf.

How To Read Your 1099-MISC PDF Document: Most self-employed workers receive an IRS Form 1099 each year that details all of their income for the previous tax year.

If you’re not self-employed but still received money during 2016, then you might have also received a 1099 form.

  • Regardless of whether you were paid via check or cash, if any portion of your payment was more than $600, then you should receive one.
  • And no matter how small your payment was (even if it was only $10) if it came from an individual or business entity unrelated to your job, like an investment account interest, then there’s a good chance they’ll send one too.

These printable w2 form 2016 pdf come with lots of numbers, but this thing you need to know about them.

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