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In recent days, it has become easier for corrupt renters to fake crucial information on their rental applications. Various companies create fake stubs at their fingertips.


You must be thinking, if a fake paystub is created, then how can we spot it? Before you spot it and put a stop to it, it is important to know why they make a fake pay stub. For example, if someone is interested in your property and doesn’t meet your expectations of the income requirement, in this case, they can immediately print out a few fake paystubs to produce higher wages.


These types of scams put your rental property at a much higher risk; if the tenant is less financially stable, they can claim, but they may be unable to pay the required monthly rent in the future, which could lead to a costly and tedious process.


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In this guide, we will cover some valuable tips on spotting a fake pay stub and preventing loss. Let’s dive right into it!


How to Spot Fake Pay Stub?


The Basic Information Should be Correct

A fake pay stub provides general information, and the person who generated it may not have recognized the specifics or failed to read the generic writing. If typical information like name and employment is incorrect, this is a major mistake. Another mistake is spelling errors, which would be caught by an accountant and corrected before issuing the pay stub.


Introduction to Pay Stub

To check whether a pay stub is real or fake, go through its details. Does the information match the other documents which are being provided to you? Most forms involve employment as a name, address, and social security number. If these do not match, then it’s huge trouble.


Tips on How to make a Fake Paystub?


Decimals and Digit Numbers Should be in the Same Place

An accountant properly creates a pay stub. All the figures and decimal points must line up normally across the pay stub, leaving no room for errors.


Eye of an Accountant

The thumb rule to remember is that the pay stubs are always created by accountants who are precise in everything they do. They aim to be authentic down to the cent so that a real pay stub with rounded figures is marked in a red flag. A slight error in calculating a paystub, even a tiny error, could land you in trouble.


Difference between “O” and “0”

A small implication may make all the difference when detecting a pay stub. On a paystub, the distinct contrast between “O” and “0” is a line drawn through the zero. Fakes seldom care to examine the little characters, and they are an admirable reason for conducting a fool-proof inquiry.


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Estimates and roundups are kept Limited

Actual paystubs are generated by accountants who are anxious about accounting for every last penny. So, estimates and roundups should be kept to a minimum or limited. If you notice too many rounded numbers to zero, this does not appear right; you should double-check it.


It must be Legal

If a paystub is difficult to read, the numbers don’t match exactly, or the formatting is not aligned, it’s a fake paystub. A legitimate stub is readily coherent and uses high-quality paper and ink.




To check a fake paystub, use online websites to re-check that they’re real. Next, check that the firm is located in the U.S. and all the information given on the pay stub is precise. Lastly, use this free paystub generator to ensure you’re on the right page.


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What are common signs of a fake pay stub?


Inaccurate numbers, inconsistent fonts, missing details, or unusual formatting can raise suspicion.

How can I verify the authenticity of a pay stub?


Cross-reference with official records, contact the employer, or use online verification tools.

Why would someone create a fake pay stub?


To secure loans, rentals, or employment by inflating income, misleading lenders, or evading taxes.

Is relying solely on a pay stub for verification wise?


No, validate income through multiple sources and ensure consistency for accurate verification.

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