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Paycheck stubs are an inevitable element for employers these days. For those businessmen who are looking for legit solutions, paystub maker offers a great start. After all, getting sorted with the accounting needs of the business is the topmost priority of any business person.

Not to your surprise, this handy facility is helping one and all who seek the easiest way to create paycheck stubs online. You may learn more about the same with 3 Ways Check Stub Maker is a great Helper. Everyone is taking benefit of check stub maker in the way they want and as the process of creating pay stubs is smooth, there is no reason left to deny using this facility. Let’s now look up to how it creates smoothness for businesses…

Paystub Generator for Recordkeeping

Recordkeeping sometimes becomes a headache for businessmen. With a paystub generator, things get easier to manage. It is important for employers and employees to understand how long they should preserve their paychecks.

As per the Fair Labor Standards Act, the recommended limit for payroll documentation and retention is 3 years. While this recommended duration differs as per IRS & extends up to 4 years after the 4th quarter. In short, record keeping is an important factor to be considered.

This entire recordkeeping is digitalized when one uses the online pay stub creation method. As you already know, the created paystubs are instantly available for download and print. They can be saved in the user’s system or can stay in the mailbox and can be used whenever required. The digital copy can be printed whenever required and if by mistake, a user has erased it, a new copy can be requested.

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One needs to be careful while using any pay stub maker and take a moment to check if the respective website provides the facility of requesting a missing check stub or not.

What is the required information?

The following information is required for payroll records as per the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Social Security Administration:

  1. Full Name & Address
  2. SSN
  3. Gender
  4. Occupation
  5. DOB of Employee (if less than 19)
  6. Date & Time each work week begins & ends
  7. Payroll Period start date
  8. Pay Date
  9. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Hours Worked
  10. Pay Rate
  11. Regular Wages & Overtime Pay
  12. Bonus pay & Deduction details

Most of these details are already available with paystubs and hence the employers are required to maintain these records for at least 2 years.

3 Steps to Paycheck Stub Online

Paycheck stub online is the easiest way to introduce hassle-free accounting in the organization. If you are an employer and looking for one of the best and most affordable check stub maker then you are at the right place.

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How do I read my paycheck stub?


Reading a paycheck stub can be confusing if you're unfamiliar with the terminology and calculations used. However, most paycheck stubs include a key or legend explaining each line item. If you're still unsure how to read your paycheck stub, you may want to consult with a tax professional or HR representative.

What should I do if there's an error on my paycheck stub?


If you notice an error on your paycheck stub, you should immediately bring it to your employer's attention. Your employer should be able to correct the error and issue a corrected paycheck stub.

Can I access my paycheck stub online?


Many employers now offer online access to paycheck stubs through a secure employee portal. This can be a convenient way to access your paycheck information and help reduce paper waste. You should check with your HR representative if you're unsure whether your employer offers online access to paycheck stubs.

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