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Taking a few moments to make free paycheck stubs is what we all enjoy but some refrain from this facility because of some myths. We’ve figured out some and have cleared them with obvious facts. Check them out…

Four Valid Reasons to use Pay Stub Generator

4 Myths of Check Stub Maker to clear out now!

Myth #1: No Customization is Possible

Fact: Free Pay Stub Templates are available for Personalizing Paystubs

This is a widespread misconception with online paystubs that the users don’t have any choice with paystub templates and they have to use the default ones only. The fact is that you get free pay stub templates to choose from when you’re making paycheck stubs with our stub creator. There is a number of check stub templates with impressive formatting suiting different business needs.

Myth #2: Free Paystub is only to show

Fact: You can ACTUALLY get Paycheck stubs for Free

There may be websites that only attract users with a “Free” banner but at stub creator, we have an exclusive offer with which every new user can avail of paycheck stubs for free.

New User Offer: Get $4.99 OFF on your 1st Paystub Order

Thousands of users have taken benefit of this offer and you can check at our reviews and recommendation on social media to find out whether we are spreading the word or you get this in real. Keeping your affordability in mind, we offer 1st Default stub at no cost to every new user and charge a very nominal amount from the next pay stub.

Myth #3: Online Paystubs may not be valid sometimes

Fact: Online Paystubs are acceptable as an earnings statement

When you create a pay stub online, be assured that you can use it as your earnings statement wherever necessary. Whether you want to rent a house, apply for a loan, or avail of any other credit facility, online paystubs are used by most people. It contains all the required details to be considered by the opposite party and hence you don’t need to worry whether or not it will be accepted in times of need.

Myth #4: Only Businessmen can Create Pay Stubs Online

Fact: Anyone can Create Paycheck Stub Online

Some may assume that using a check stub maker is quite complex and can only be used by businessmen, but it is not so. Any individual seeking an earnings statement can use the pay stub generator online. Also, the paystubs for employees and contractors can be created with equal accuracy and so freelancers can think of using paycheck stubs online anytime anywhere.

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Are free paycheck stubs reliable?


There is a common myth that free paycheck stubs are unreliable and inaccurate. Fact: This is not necessarily true. While it is important to choose a reputable provider, many reliable online tools offer free paycheck stubs with accurate calculations.

Are free paycheck stubs legal?


Some people believe that free paycheck stubs are illegal or unethical to use. Fact: This is also not true. It is legal to use free paycheck stubs as long as they accurately reflect the information about an employee's earnings, deductions, and taxes.

Do free paycheck stubs provide enough information?


Some believe that free paycheck stubs do not provide enough detailed information about an employee's earnings and deductions. Fact: This can vary depending on the provider, but many free paycheck stub tools offer a range of customizable options to include all necessary information, such as gross pay, net pay, taxes, and deductions.

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