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5 Star Features to Enjoy with Stub Creator

Flat $4.99 off on First Order

Kudos! If you are a new user on our website or using our paystub generator for the very first time, you get flat $4.99 off on your first paystub order. In other words, you can also say that you get the first default paystub free which is worth $4.99. Isn’t it a great reward for your first stub-making with us?! Well, if you use any Paystub template or add-on then you will have to pay for it but can still enjoy $4.99 off for sure.

Instantly Delivered Paycheck Stubs Online

Understanding your requirement for instant paycheck stubs online, we deliver them as soon as the payment is made. You may check out your mailbox right after you pay for the respective stub so you can download and use it straight away.

4 Valid Reasons to use Pay Stub Generator

Seamless Automated Calculations

Our check stub maker is one of the best paystub calculator tools you would ever use. Automated calculations are accurate and precise and the tool is constantly updated for better results. You don’t have to make any calculations with an automated calculator turned on and the state-wise applicable deductions will be visible. So, by entering a few basic details, you will be free from the headache of calculating everything on your own.

No-Cost Corrections

Made any mistake while creating a paystub? Selected a different free check stub template instead of another? No worries! We have got you covered with a paystub maker’s correction facility which is absolutely free. You don’t have to scratch your head thinking that you have to make a new check stub now and you will have to pay for it.

Knowing that humans are prone to errors, we provide no-cost corrections of certain mistakes which you can learn in deep here: Free Corrections Terms & Conditions.

Prompt Query Resolution

With a dedicated customer support team, we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help our users. We have multiple mediums open for our users to reach us if they have any queries regarding our check stub creator. You may either use Live Chat Support for instant help or shoot us an email at if you want to discuss any issue in depth. Our support team is ready to assist you.

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What is Check Stub Creator?


Check Stub Creator is an online tool that allows users to create professional-looking pay stubs quickly and easily. It is loved by many because it is affordable, easy to use, and provides accurate calculations for taxes, deductions, and other important payroll information.

How does Check Stub Creator work?


To use Check Stub Creator, users enter the necessary information about their payroll, including their name and address, pay rate, hours worked, and any deductions or taxes. The tool then generates a customized pay stub that can be downloaded, printed, or sent to the user's employer.

What are the benefits of using Check Stub Creator?


There are several benefits to using Check Stub Creator, including saving time and money by not having to create pay stubs or pay for expensive payroll software manually. It also helps ensure accuracy in payroll calculations and provides a professional-looking document that can be easily shared with employers, banks, or other financial institutions.

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