Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery

Your Orders

Your Orders is the latest functionality developed by StubCreator to help our valuable customers. In case you have lost your stub generated with us or need copy of the online paycheck stub generated with us then this functionality is for you.

How to use?

This functionality is very simple and easy to use. You just have to enter your email address. Then it will ask for OTP. OTP will be sent to you through email. On entering correct OTP, you will have list of stubs created by you. Corresponding to each stub, there will be two options:

1. Send: This will resend your generated stub to your mail. So that you can get the copy of your generated stub with us in your mail and don’t need to repay for the same paystub.

2. Reuse stub info: Tired of entering same employee related information again and again for each stub you create with us then this feature will come at your rescue. Clicking this button will redirect you to create pay stub with all information auto filled. You need to modify only some of the fields. Obviously, you need to pay for this new stub! But it will surely free you from monotonously entering same information again and again.

Don’t worry ; we won’t irritate you with large number of mails and spamming your inbox. We will verify your email only once per session. So be assured that you won’t be irritated with large number of email coming on your way for each and every activity you perform on website.