What is Pay Date?

Pay Date, also called “payday,” is when an employer must make up the difference an employee for their work over a certain period, like a week or a month. This is when workers may anticipate receiving their payment for the time they put in during the previous pay period.

The pay date is flexible and is often based on the employer’s payroll cycle. Depending on the company’s payment schedule, the payday could be on a different day of the week or month.

What are the Ex-Date and Pay Date?

When discussing shares and dividends, you may hear the phrases “ex-date” and “pay date” used together.


The ex-date, or the ex-dividend date, is the first trading day after a dividend is due to be paid but before the compensation is paid. The ex-date is usually two business days before the record date, which is determined by the stock exchange on which the stock is traded.

Investors who acquire their holdings on or after the ex-date will not be eligible for the dividend.

Pay date

The day on which dividends are paid to stockholders is often known as the payment date or payment date. Investors who meet the record date for a dividend will have the funds deposited into their brokerage account or get a real payout (such as a cheque) on this day.

The pay date, which may be many weeks or months after the ex-date, is usually determined by the board of directors of the corporation.

How do you Ask for the Salary Date?

Be gentle and professional while inquiring about your salary date. Asking when your next paycheck will be is as easy as saying,

  • “Can you kindly let me know?”
  • “What’s the payroll date?”

There are a few inquiries you may know when you will receive your salary or your next payment.

  • Please inform your manager or the human resources department right away.
  • Verify the company’s planned payment timeline.
  • Determine your actual pay date for the period.
  • Verify the facts of your compensation, including the information you’ve received.
  • Check your past paycheck stubs.
  • Always be polite and professional while making requests.

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