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What is Call-Back Pay?

Call-back pay is an occasional allowance given to an employee in situations when they are called from their off-duty hours for additional work. These are wages other than their regular pay.

Callback pay is an additional pay earned whenever an employee is called back by the employer from his/her notice period. There is some appraisal also done by the employer on the employee’s salary.

Even if the time actually spent working is less than two (2) hours, a minimum of two (2) hours pay at one and a half the standard hourly rate, or. If the number of hours worked is greater than two (2), the pay rate will be one and a half the standard rate.

There are some benefits of call-back pay. A lower abandonment rate, faster handling times, and a greater first contact resolution are all possible outcomes of callbacks. Additionally, they can raise employee morale and consumer satisfaction.

How Much is Call-Back Pay?

Employees called back to work after completion of the employee’s regular workday shall be compensated at the rate of time and one-half (1½) of the regular rate of pay.

Call-back pay is calculated in below described way. Find out how many pay periods there are in a year. To determine how much an employee makes per pay period, divide their wage by the number of pay periods. Divide this sum by the total number of pay periods for which the employee is the due call-back pay.

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