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GAP is a well-known American clothing and accessories retail firm that provides paycheck stubs to their employees as a record of their earnings and deductions for each pay period.


A Pay stub is a crucial document that highlights the details of an employee’s pay, including the amount earned, taxes hidden, and other deductions.


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GAP pay stubs generally provide information on an employee’s gross pay, net pay, tax withholdings, Social Security Tax, Medicare Contributions, and other post-tax deductions.


The GAP pay stub might also include other details like the pay period dates, hours worked, overtime pay, and bonuses. The pay stub is important for employees because it monitors their income and tax withholdings, which they can use to file taxes and apply for loans.


GAP provides its employees with electronic access to their pay stubs via an online employee portal. In this blog, we shall find out how you can get your pay stubs from GAP.


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How To Get a GAP Pay Stub If you’re a Current or a Former Employee?


To get your pay stubs from GAP, follow these steps:


  • Online Portal: GAP provides its employees with an online portal known as My Info to access their pay stubs and to access other employee-related information. You should have an account to access your pay stub via My Info. If you don’t have an account, you can create a fresh account by contacting the HR department if you’re a current employee. If you’re a former employee, you can request this access by emailing the GAP HR department at
  • Email: In case you prefer to receive your pay stub via email, you can sign up for GAP’s ePay service. To enroll in ePay, you should contact the HR department and send them your email address. Once enrolled, you will receive an email notification each time a new pay stub is available.
  • Mail: If you cannot access the pay stub via email or online, you can request access for a physical copy of your pay stub mailed to you. For this to happen, you shall contact the HR department and provide them with your current mailing address.


gap paystub


Note: GAP strengthens its employees to use the online portal or email option to access their pay stubs as it is more convenient and eco-friendly.


How To Check If Your GAP Pay Stub is Right or Wrong?


To check if your GAP pay stub is right or wrong, you have to check out the following things:


  • Personal Information: Ensure that your name, address, and social security number are correct.
  • Pay Period: Check the pay period on the pay stub and make sure that it matches the period you have worked for.
  • Earnings: Clarify that your gross wages, net pay, and any deductions are solid.
  • Taxes: Check that your state, federal, and local taxes are calculated on a correct basis.
  • Benefits: Make sure that any benefits you receive, like healthcare or retirement contributions, are perfectly reflected on the pay stub.


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Regularly reviewing your pay stub is a good task, as it makes sure that you are being paid correctly and that your benefits and taxes are systematically calculated.




Now you know how you can get paystubs from GAP. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to get your hands on them as soon as you can.


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Disclaimer: Stubcreator is not affiliated with GAP or its Associates. GAP brands or logos are trademarked or registered trademarks. The article general guidance for GAP paystub access. Refer to GAP‘s official resources and consult HR for specific details.



How do I access my Gap paystub online?


Visit the Gap Inc. employee portal, log in, and navigate to the paystub section to view or download your paystub.

When are Gap paystubs typically available?


Gap paystubs are usually accessible a few days before your designated payday, based on the company's payroll schedule.

What if I forget my Gap employee portal login credentials?


You can often reset your password or retrieve your username through the portal's "Forgot Password" or "Forgot Username" options.

Can I request physical copies of my Gap paystubs?


Online access is the standard, but some Gap locations may provide physical copies upon request. Check with your HR department for details.

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