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Corecivic is an innovative and dependable partner for the government. Corecivic is the nation’s leading provider of high-quality detention management.


We at Corecivic are applying long-held strengths to deliver global real-estate services through Corecivic properties. Through Corecivic Community, we provide and expand access to residential re-entry centres.


In this blog, we will cover how to get a paycheck stubs from Corecivic.


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Importance of Paystubs


A Paystub is a document the employer provides to employees, mentioning the details of your earnings, deductions and taxes for a specific pay period. It establishes itself as a proof of income and helps employees monitor their financial transactions.


Why do you need Paystubs?:


Paystubs come in handy for reasons like:


  • Proof of Income: Paystubs act as evidence of your earnings, which is required while you’re applying for your loan or renting a property.
  • Tax Documentation: This helps you prepare precise income tax returns by monitoring your income and deductions.


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How To Get Pay Stubs From CoreCivic?


  1. Log In: Log in to the core civic account. It is easy. Open your desired web browser and visit the official Corecivic website. Click on the Employee Login button and enter your information.
  2. Visit the Employee Self-Service Tab: Visit the Employee Self-Service section. This is the magical section. Click on the Employee Self-Service section, and there is your pay stub!
  3. Monitor Your Pay Stub: Look for the pay stub section. It might be labelled as Pay Statements. Click on it, and your pay stub will be on your screen.
  4. Choose the Right Pay Stub: Corecivic has the habit of upping the ante. They might puzzle you and ask you to select the proper pay stub. Choose the pay stub in which you’re interested- it will be sorted datewise.
  5. Print or Download Your Pay Stub: Now that you have selected your desired pay stub, click on the download or print button to download your desired pay stub. You can print it out as well by saving it on your PC and then getting a hard copy of the same for your record.
  6. Check Your Pay Stub:  Make sure to check your pay stub once again and ensure that there is no room for errors. Cross-check the numbers, and make sure it is all clear. 
  7. For Assistance, Contact the Support Team: If you run into any kind of trouble, feel free to contact the support team for further assistance.




Getting your corecivic pay stubs is as easy as you can imagine. Log in, find the exact spot, select your pay stub, and then you’re ready.


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How do I access my CoreCivic pay stubs online?


Log in to the CoreCivic employee portal and navigate to the payroll section to retrieve and download your pay stubs.

What login credentials are required for CoreCivic pay stub access?


Ensure you have your employee ID and password to securely log in and access your pay stub information on the CoreCivic platform.

Facing issues retrieving pay stubs online? What should I do?


If you encounter difficulties, contact CoreCivic's HR or payroll department for assistance in accessing your pay stubs.

How often are pay stubs updated on the CoreCivic employee portal?


Pay stubs are typically updated based on the company's payroll schedule, which may be bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the pay period.

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