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Check Stub For A Self Employed Person

A current survey reveals that about 30% of the citizens are self-employed. This huge number is due to the freedom of being one’s own boss and other benefits like adequate work-life balance, flexible schedule, and high financial rewards.


But there are various drawbacks to being a self-employed individual. One con which stands tall is the challenge of proving income when you apply for loans or mortgages.


The technology allows the generation of check stubs for self-employed individuals. If you fall under that category, read more about this guide on the check stub for a self-employed person.


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What is a Pay Stub?


A Paycheck Stubs is a document showing a detailed earnings summary. Employers usually issue them to employees at the end of each pay period. But if you have your own business, there is none for you to give a check sub.


What Information Is Contained on A Pay Stub?


To generate a check stub, it’s vital to understand what you’re expected to have correctly.


Below is a summary of the most essential inclusion:


  • Information about the Firm: First, you must provide the firm’s name, physical, postal, and email address, as well as the country where your business operates.
  • Client Information: You must specify where the money comes from; if it’s your firm, you can include the details above. If you receive cash from individual clients, you must provide their full name, ID number, email address and place of residence.
  • Pay Date: This is the exact day you receive payment from a client.
  • Pay Period: You receive periodic payments if you have a long-term contract. This indicates the dates related to the price in the queue.
  • Pay Schedule: This is a summary of the typical pay period. As the above example states, the payment schedule starts as a bi-weekly period. 
  • Check Number: Consider numbering each pay stub you generate to make it look authentic.
  • Gross Income: This is the total payment you receive from a regular client. But, generally, you only know some of this money since you have to pay taxes to the government.
  • Deductions: As self-employed, you must pay social security tax and Medicare taxes. The rate for Social Security is 12.4%, and for Medicare is 2.9%, so the total is 15.3%.
  • Net Pay: This is the difference between the gross income, the deductions, and the cash you take home.
  • Year-To-Date (YTD): Besides the payment amounts for every pay period, it is essential to include cumulative amounts from the beginning of the year to the current date. This is what you call the year-to-date (YTD).


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How To Create A Check Stub?


Pay Stub Generators


Pay Stub Generators are meant to make your work easier. Some generators are cloud-based, while others must be downloaded and installed on your computer. The process of generating self-employed check stubs is the same. Generally, you will have to fill in vital information. Some fields are marked optional, which means you choose whether or not to fill them, the contact information.


Once you fill in the details, you must click a button instructing the system to generate your pay stub. If you missed any information, the app will show a pop-up notification to advise you on what went wrong and what to do.


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How To Choose A Check-Stub Generator?


Major things to look at:


  • User-Interface: You would want an app which is too complex to navigate. The more user-friendly design, the easier it is for you to use the program.
  • Instant: You need software which generates a document immediately. Now, you know that the world is fast-paced, and it can’t afford to wait.
  • Budget-Friendly: Choose an app that you can comfortably afford without depicting financial strain on yourself.
  • Export Format: The most famous export format is PDF. You can print a PDF document. 


Advantages of Using a Paystub Maker:


Because of the following reasons, a paystub maker is the best option:


  • It is Fast: If you have out of your busy schedule in just a few minutes, that’s enough to come up with a professional-looking pay stub.
  • Looks Professional: For a software seller to sell you software like Paystub Maker, they must have invested enough to ensure that the document you get is a paystub similar to the industry standards.
  • Zero Error: Pay stub programs use sophisticated algorithms to ensure the calculations are accurate, which is what you want in a financial document.


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How Much Vital are Paycheck Stubs?


Firstly, you need paycheck stubs to prove income when applying for a loan. No business is immune to seek financial assistance in the form of loans.


If you arrive at a point where you need to take a loan, you will need to convince the lender that you get enough income regularly so that they have the assurance that you can repay the amount you’re borrowing.




As a self-employed individual, there’s undoubtedly no reason not to have a paycheck stubs. The process of generating it is simple, yet the document is of utmost importance for you as a self-employed individual. 


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Do self-employed individuals receive traditional check stubs?


Self-employed individuals may not have traditional check stubs. Instead, they can create detailed income records using invoices, receipts, or accounting software.

How can a self-employed person document income for proof?


Self-employed individuals can provide bank statements, invoices, or profit and loss statements as proof of income. A ledger or accounting software can help organize this information.

Are taxes withheld on a self-employed check stub?


Unlike traditional employees, self-employed individuals are responsible for their own taxes. Taxes are not typically withheld from their income, so they must set aside funds for tax obligations.

What should be included in a self-employed check stub?


A self-employed check stub should detail gross income, business expenses, and net income. It may also include tax information and any other relevant financial data.

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