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Paystub Maker is very helpful for those who know how to make the most of this online payroll making facility. Maximum care is taken by the website so that the user gets a hassle-free experience of creating pay stubs on the go.

The feedback from the users is always appreciated when they find something to be improved but what if the users make any mistake? For instance, you forget to select the free pay stub template and realized it after your stub was delivered. This is irreversible, right?!

7 Mistakes to avoid as you make Paycheck Stub Online

While making paycheck stubs online, here are the common mistakes that users make:

1. State Selection

Selecting the state of your work is very important. This is a filtering criterion that lets the automatic calculator take default deduction figures as applicable for that state. It is the very first detail to be entered so make sure that you do not make any mistakes in choosing the state.

Regardless of the size of the business it is, every firm has its identity & logo. It is important to include a logo as it makes an impression when the paystub is presented for availing a credit facility. Some users forget to add the logo while using pay stub generator and then request it to be added. Well, the final decision lies with our support team.

3. Concern for Auto Calculation

At times, users may opt for the auto calculation to be turned off and they prefer to enter figures manually. If you are not confident enough to be accurate here, don’t perform this stunt. This will be a waste of time and halt your further paystub usage.

4. Contractor/Employee Checkbox

Every check stub maker allows users to create pay stubs for employees as well as contractors. You should know that selecting the checkbox is selecting the employee category. Users should be very careful while using this option as it changes the entire category of your worker and this cannot be revised once you pay for it.

5. Deposit Slip

If you are willing to get a deposit slip as you create check stubs then don’t forget to add this along with your current order. Remember that some mistakes can be corrected free of cost but a deposit slips can be availed only after you pay for them. So, to avoid later steps, you should be attentive while making one.

6. Incorrect Email ID

You have created bulk paycheck stubs but entered an incorrect Email ID to deliver your pay stubs. What to do now? Your efforts will be in vain. Be extra attentive while entering Email so that your instant paychecks reach the right address.

7. Realizing Mistakes Later

In case, if you realize that you have made some mistakes while making paychecks, you can use the Live Chat Support or mail the site. But, you cannot do this anytime you wish but this facility is accessible within 24 hours of the paystub creation.

Willing to create error-free pay stubs now?

We hope you create pay stubs next time after keeping the above-mentioned mistakes in mind and make sure that you avoid them. Start making one now!

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What are some common mistakes users make when using a pay stub maker?


Some common mistakes users make when using a pay stub maker include entering incorrect payment or deduction amounts, omitting important information such as taxes or benefits, or failing to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

How can I avoid making mistakes when using a pay stub maker?


To avoid making mistakes when using a pay stub maker, it is important to carefully review all of the information entered into the template before generating the pay stub. Users should also ensure that they are familiar with relevant laws and regulations regarding payroll and taxes, and that their pay stubs comply with these requirements.

What should I do if I discover an error on a pay stub generated by a pay stub maker?


If you discover an error on a pay stub generated by a pay stub maker, it is important to correct it as soon as possible. Depending on the type of error, this may involve issuing a corrected pay stub to the employee or contractor or amending previous tax filings. It is also important to identify the cause of the error and take steps to prevent similar mistakes from occurring in the future.

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