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Check stubs and check stub maker are available in as many types as you want.

You might think that the physical paystub is things from the past then you are wrong my mate. Physical paycheck stubs still exist in this world of electronic payroll software. These physical stubs are the best and classic way for keeping track of personal finances.

So physical check stubs still have a great place in payroll management. They are important for assuring quality. They are not likely to fall prey to electronic frauds and other technological risks which might take place in the online payroll management resources.

Online Pay Stub Generator with Physical Copies

Why choose Physical Pay Stub?

Today the majority of firms are switching to online pay stub generator to keep track of and often maintain their payroll-related needs. So logically a question may arise in your mind as to what is the need for physical pay stubs in this electronic world.

Although we live in today’s modern society full of technology, it is not necessary that everyone has access to a personal computer or laptop at their home. This situation can be problematic in the case where you need to provide proof of your income for things like rent agreements, employment proof, or filing income tax returns. The hard copy is also beneficial for employers tax related needs and acts as a backup for any difficulties that may arise due to a system crash or due to faults in electronic systems.

For small business owners, paper check stubs act as an affordable option. Subscriptions to electronic payroll software can be costly for your business compared to appointing a single person for generating and delivering paystubs.

Pay Stubs Paper Varieties

If you want to consider printing pay stubs, you have a number of options that help you with the printing of pay stubs.

Software Compatible Forms

This sort of check stub paper is best utilized as a part of a pair with electronic payroll programming. The format is intended to work with a variety of payroll platforms and can without much of a stretch print pay stub data onto paper for improved distribution.

Business Checks

These are imprinted on an exceptional paper that meets all security determinations for money-related organizations. The checks accompany a side stub that can be saved for individual records.

Standard Paper

At last, there is nothing amiss with utilizing standard printer paper for printing check stubs. This alternative takes into consideration the most design opportunity of your organization’s pay stubs without the requirements of a special paper, pre-printed lines, and so forth.

In case you don’t care for the formats convenient on ready-to-purchase pay stub paper, there are possibilities for designing your own rapidly and effectively. There are various services that offer generation devices to make a customized check stub ideal for your business. Use free pay stub templates & start customizing now!

The Takeaway

Staying with your pay stubs composed both on the web and off can be intricate. But, with the correct apparatuses and materials, finance asset administration can be a breeze. All it takes is an all well-designed pay stub form and a little consideration.

Thus, in this way types of check stub paper are available in the market and can be used as per convenience and requirements. So when will you create a pay stub? Make one now!

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How many varieties of check stubs are available?


Several check stubs are available, including traditional paper, electronic, and mobile pay stubs.

What is the difference between traditional paper check stubs and electronic pay stubs?


Traditional paper check stubs are physical documents printed and provided to employees with paychecks. At the same time, electronic paystubs are digital documents that are accessed through an online payroll system.

Can mobile paystubs be used as proof of income?


Yes, mobile paystubs can be used as proof of income for various financial transactions, such as rental or loan applications. However, checking with the institution or organization to confirm their specific requirements is recommended.

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