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Northrop Grumman is a reputed and well-known defence and technology firm with a vast workforce. As an employee, accessing your pay stubs is vital for managing your finances.


In this blog, we shall understand the importance of managing paycheck stubs and how you can get pay stubs from Northrop Grumman. Let’s dive right into it!


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How To Get Pay Stubs From Northrop Grumman?


Understanding Northrop Grumman Payroll System


Learning about Northrop Grumman Payroll System is crucial. Generally, employees are on a bi-weekly basis, and the pay stub contains detailed and essential information about earnings, deductions, and taxes.


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Registering for an Employee Account


To access your pay stub online, you must register for an employee account on the Northrop Grumman Employee Self-Service Portal. How?


Here it is how:



Northrop Grumman paystubs


Receiving Pay Stub through Email


  • Log in to Employee Self-Service Account.
  • Navigate to the Paystub section.
  • Search for an option related to email delivery preferences.
  • Enter your preferred email address for receiving pay stubs.
  • Confirm, and the pay stub will be sent to your email on the specific date.


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Contact the Northrop Grumman HR Department


If you face any difficulty in accessing your pay stub, it is feasible to contact the HR department for further assistance.




Get pay stubs from Northrop Grumman is a genuine process once you have registered for an employee account on their Employee-Service Portal. By following the steps mentioned above, you can efficiently access your pay stub, review your pay stub, and ensure accurate record-keeping.


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Disclaimer: Stubcreator is not affiliated with Northrop Grumman or its Associates. Northrop Grumman brands or logos are trademarked or registered trademarks. The article general guidance for Northrop Grumman paystub access. Refer to Northrop Grumman‘s official resources and consult HR for specific details.



How do I access my Northrop Grumman paystubs online?


You can log in to the Northrop Grumman employee portal to view and download your paystubs.

What if I forget my login credentials for the Northrop Grumman portal?


You can usually reset your password on the portal or contact HR for assistance.

When are Northrop Grumman paystubs typically available for viewing?


Paystubs are generally accessible shortly after each pay period, often on a bi-weekly or semi-monthly basis.

Can I request physical copies of my Northrop Grumman paystubs if needed?


Reach out to your HR department to inquire about obtaining paper copies in specific situations.

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