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Home Depot paystubs

Home Depot Inc. is widely known as Home Depot. which is a U.S.-based multinational firm specializing in the home improvement niche. A chain of home improvement retail stores was founded and established in 1978 and is formerly listed in the public company on New Year Stock Exchange.


The company is collectively the largest retailer in the home improvement industry of the United States. Besides the U.S. market, Home Depot also serves in 10 other province of Canada and 32 states of Mexico along with Mexico City.


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The firm has a workforce of over 50,000 people with 70 distributions centres in the U.S. and over 2300 stores in the U.S. and Cananda. Now, having said that the firm needs a strong HR management system in order to manage a big workforce which is spread across South and North America.  So, home depot has developed a reliable self-service system for their employees to access their payslips, tax forms and other useful information regarding their jobs.


In this article we will cover all the topics about getting your paystub home depot and W2s from Home depot and we will shade some light upon current and former employees who can capitalise on to get their statements from Home depot. So let’s start it!


How Can you Get pay stubs home depot and W2s as a Current Employee?


If you are working at Home depot, you won’t be needing separate portals for accessing your paystub home depot and W2s forms. Below mentioned are some of the methods which you can focus on in order to get both W2s and paystub home depot.


Self Service Portal


The self-service portal of Home depot for their employees is known as and it is a full fledge dashboard for employees and associates of the firm. The portal allows the employees to self-service and manage their attendance, time logging and their schedules. Beside the portal also gives access to different workforce tools, benefits and corporate policies towards their associates.


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The self-service portal of is for the current employees who want to access their and pay stubs home depot tax forms. The self-service portal dashboard allows you to review your employee profile, view and print your old statements and tax statements.


Beside you also can modify your tax woithholdings, activate your direct deposit information, update your mail address, review your leave absence information and much more. This portal works 24×7 and you can access your resources without any kind of limitations.


Here is mentioned how a current employee of Home Depot. Can access their paystub home depot and W2s from the self-service portal:


  1. Navigate to the official website of
  2. Click on Self-service portal, and it will open up the homepage for the sel-service dashboard
  3. Click on the Current Associates, click on login and then it will redirect you to a new page
  4. Enter your store number 
  5. Enter your user ID and password in the empty spaces and click on login
  6. Once you’re in, you can check upon your current payslip under the pay and taxes section. Current employees of Home Depot can access their current W2 forms under the same section


home depot paystub


Get in touch with HR


If you face any issues logging into the self-service dashboard, or accessing your pay stubs home depot and tax statements, or you’re unable to download statements, you can contact the HR department of Home Depot. The support centre of HR will help you in resolving the issue and provide you with a helping hand logging back into the self-service portal. The contact information to get in touch with the THDHR support centre is: 1-866-698-4347. You can also reach out to them by mailing them at:

Get it by Mail


The current associates of the Home Depot have the option of receiving their statements at mail address. However, the service of mailing is only available for tax statements and forms. So, if you’re a current employee of Home Depot, you can request the HR department to dispatch your current paystub home depot  & W2s on your updated mailing address.


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How Can you Get pay stubs home depot and W2s as a Former Employee?


If you have quit your job at Home depot but you want to grab your hands-on your W2 for the current year! Or you might be needing them to access your historical pay slips for tax purposes or for personal reasons. Below are mentioned for the former Home Depot employees to access their historical pay stubs and W2s.


Self-Service Portal for Former Employees


The self-service portal is available not only for present associates of the frim but also for former employee as well. THDHR system also helps the company’s pas employees so that they can access their historial pay stubs and their tax tstaements.


Below is mentioned on how you can log in and get access to your paystub home depot and W2s being a former employee:


  1. Navigate to the self-service portal homepage:
  2. Click on the Former Associates and Associate on LOA, and then click on login button
  3. It will redirect you to a webpage where you will need to authenticate yourself as one of the former employees. Type-in your last name into the last field.
  4. Enter your date of birth and last four digits of your social security number in the next two fields
  5. Enter the security world in the empty field 
  6. Once all fields are filled up, click on Continue Security Verification
  7. Follow the prompts shown on the screen to complete your verification process and then sign in as an old associate in order to access your payslip and tax statements form Home Depot.


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Contact the HR Department


This is the second option for th former employee to seek assistance from HR and get their hands-on pay stub home depot and W2s. ZYou can request them to to isse your W2s at your mailing address which is provided by the company. You can also contact the HR department if you face any kind of issues logging in to the self-service portal for former associates.


How can I Register For Home Depot Pay Stub Portal?


If you’re a new employee at Home Depot. Who hasn’t registered at the self-service portal dashboard of THDHR, below mentioned is a step-by-step procedure to complete your registration process:


  1. When you join the firm, you will be given a dedicated user ID and password for logging into MyApron 
  2. Once you are inside MyApron, look out for New Associates Information Centre
  3. Complete your electronic onboarding documentation and undergo the signup process for direct deposit
  4. You can also review and edit your employee profiles after you have signed up
  5. There is no need for separate registration and ESS enrollment, as you will be using the same login credentials everytime for logging into the portal


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How to Reset Forgotten Password?


Here is how you can reset your forgotten password:


  1. Visit the ESS homepage of Home Depot and click on Forgot Password
  2. If you want to reset your password, click on Forgot Password 
  3. It will open a new page where you can choose between Email or Text Message or other method. If you have enrolled on Workday you can choose Email or Text Message. Choose RSA token if you have a registered token.
  4. Follow the prompts which arrive on-screen according to your chosen option and reset your forgotten password to a new one.




Now we have got you covered by all sides about how to get your paystub home depot and W2s from home depot. If you get stuck at any point of time, just come back to this article and all of your problems will be solved in a snap.


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Disclaimer: Stubcreator is not affiliated with Home Depot or its Associates. Home Depot brands or logos are trademarked or registered trademarks. The article general guidance for Home Depot paystub access. Refer to Home Depot‘s official resources and consult HR for specific details.



How can I access my Home Depot pay stubs online?


Log in to the Home Depot MyTHDHR portal, navigate to "My Apron," select "ESS," and find the pay stub section for quick access.

What if I can't log in to the MyTHDHR portal?


Ensure you're using the correct login credentials. If issues persist, contact the HR department for assistance in resetting your account.

How often are pay stubs available online?


Pay stubs are typically available on the portal every two weeks, coinciding with the pay schedule.

Can I print my Home Depot pay stubs from the portal?


Yes, you can print your pay stubs directly from the portal once you've accessed them. This provides a physical record for your records.

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