Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery

What is Direct Deposit?


Direct Deposit is electronically transferring funds from one account to another. Employers generally use it to deposit employees’ salaries directly into their bank accounts, eliminating the need for physical paycheck stubs.


What Time Does Direct Deposit Hit?


At midnight on the payment date, the funds are electronically transmitted and deposited into the recipient’s account. The bank doesn’t need to put a hold on the funds because they clear automatically through the ACH and are available right away.


How Long Does a Direct Deposit Take?


The time gap for a Direct Deposit to process funds available in the recipient’s account can depend upon several factors. Below are mentioned general considerations which affect the processing time:


  • Employer’s Payroll Schedule
  • Banking Institution
  • Weekends & Vacations
  • Timing of the Deposit


However, the substantial money transfer happens immediately; your bank may need a few days to confirm the transaction and get your hands on your money. Weekends and federal holidays are the other things that can make this procedure long.


Employers occasionally integrate the timegap into their payroll software so that the employees receive their deposit the day you are supposed to be paid rather than three days later. Normally, you can withdraw the money the same day it appears in your account, but occasionally, you cannot access it until the next working day.


How to Set Up Direct Deposit?


Typically, there are several steps involved:


  • Get a direct deposit form
  • Enter the account details
  • Verify the deposit amount
  • If necessary, include a deposit slip
  • Send the form in


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