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Deadline for W-2 Form

Form W-2 is a records of detail about what you paid an employee amid a timetable year. It demonstrates their gross wages, withheld taxes, and different withholding.

You should send Form W-2 to employees so they can fill out their yearly wage returns. Furthermore, you should send Form W-2 to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and state government so the legislatures can check tax returns for exactness.

Anyway, what is the Form W-2 filing due date? Discover underneath.

The Form W-2 due date

Form W-2 has six duplicates: A, B, C, D, 1, and 2. you will keep duplicate D for your business records. Alternate duplicates go to your employees and government offices. Here are the due dates for sending each duplicate to the correct party.

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When is the W-2 deadline for employees?

Send Copies B, C, and 2 of Form W-2 to every worker by January 31. Your workers don’t need to physically have the forms by that date; however, the due date to mail the W-2 form is January 31. That is indisputably the most recent day to convey W-2s.

You can likewise convey Form W-2 electronically. Employees must agree to get their Forms W-2 electronically. See Publication 15-A for more subtle elements.

In case you electronically circulate Form W-2, January 31 is as yet the due date for bosses to send W-2 forms.

When is Form W-2’s deadline for the SSA?

January 31 is additionally the Form W-2 due date to submit Copy A of each form to the SSA. You can document on paper or electronically. The government urges you to e-file the forms. You should e-file if you need to file at least 250 forms.

You should send Form W-3 to the SSA with every one of your Forms W-2. Form W-3 is a transmittal form that overviews all your workers’ Forms W-2.

Before, businesses had until the end of February to mail Form W-2 to the SSA, or until the finish of March if documenting electronically. This Form W-2 due dates are never again legitimate. The due date is currently January 31 so the IRS has more opportunity to spot mistakes on worker returns and legitimately distribute refunds.

When is Form W-2’s deadline for state governments?

Many states have a January 31 due date for recording Copy 1 of Form W-2. Check with the state tax office to confirm the particular due date and get more information.

Would I be able to get a Form W-2 postponement?

It is conceivable to get some more time for dispersing and documenting Form W-2.

You can get some more time to record your forms with the SSA. Fill out Form 8809 and submit it to the IRS to ask for a postponement. In the event that the IRS affirms your demand, you will have one, 30-day expansion to file. You can’t ask for more time again. The IRS will just give expansions if your business experienced a fiasco or other phenomenal situation. File Form 8809 between January 1 and January 31. It’s best to file when you know you require an extension.

You can likewise get an extra time to disperse Form W-2 to employees. You should mail a letter asking for the expansion to the IRS previously January 31. Incorporate your name, address, EIN, an announcement that you are asking for an expansion to give Form W-2 to workers, your purpose behind the delay, and your signature. The IRS for the most part gives a 15-day extra time to endorsed demands, yet it is conceivable to get up to a 30-day expansion.

You can discover more information about Form W-2 deadline expansions in the guidelines for Form W-2.

If you require an extension for recording with a state, check with the state’s tax office for information.

What happens if I submit Form W-2 late?

Documenting Form W-2 late has outcomes. If you don’t submit Form W-2 to the SSA on time and with remedy information, you should pay punishments. The more punishments increment the more it takes you to document the forms.

You can discover more information about Form W-2 punishments in the guidelines for Form W-2.

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When is the deadline for employers to provide W-2 forms to employees?


Employers must provide W-2 forms to their employees by January 31st of the year following the tax year being reported. For example, employees should receive W-2 forms for the 2021 tax year by January 31, 2022.

When is the deadline for employers to file W-2 forms with the Social Security Administration (SSA)?


If filing electronically, employers must file W-2 forms with the SSA by the end of February or by the end of March. For example, if filed electronically, W-2 documents for the 2021 tax year should be filed with the SSA by February 28, 2022, or March 31, 2022.

What happens if an employer misses the deadline for providing or filing W-2 forms?


If an employer misses the deadline for providing W-2 forms to employees or filing them with the SSA, they may face penalties and fines. The penalty amount varies depending on how late the forms are filed and the size of the employer's business.

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